Friday, April 29, 2005

interview with Dr. Win Wenger

hi folks

I am currently preparing for an interview with Dr. Win Wenger, founder of Project Renaissance and a pioneer in the fields of creativity and creative method, accelerated learning, brain and mind development, and political economy. Dr. Wenger has written 48 books, including Discovering the Obvious, Beyond Teaching and Learning, and How to Increase Your Intelligence.

Dr. Wenger also impresses me as someone who passionately cares about the future (and the present state) of humankind. From his website:

"Hear one another out. Draw each other out. And when it's your turn to be speaking, pay far more attention to what you are actually perceiving than to what you know. And don't repeat yourself much. The universe is infinite: by attending your own perceptions, you are infinite. And so also is that person you are drawing out. Even the least of us is a window on God, whatever your definition. "

A warm thank you to Dr. Wenger for his work, and for taking time to share his insights with Traces readers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

an article from Utne magazine on Jesus

Heaven Can't Wait
Jesus was a radical, and it's time to start saying so
—By David Schimke, Utne magazine
March / April 2005 Issue

2005 National Conference for Media Reform

the 2005 National Conference for Media Reform will take place in St. Louis, MO from May 13 to 15.
They offer a reduced fee for students, seniors, and lower-income activists.

the commercialization of blogging

Welcome to Our Lair, Murdoch says to Bloggers
A "spin of the Day" from the Center for Media & Democracy, the publishers of PR watch, about "the possibilities of harnessing bloggers to the corporate news cart".

links to book reviews

Toxic Sludge is Good for You
Lies, Damn Lies and the Public Relations Industry
by John Stauber & Sheldon Rampton

Culture Incorporated. Museums, Artists, and Corporate Sponsorships
Mark W. Rectanus
University of Minnesota Press, 2002

Privatising Culture
A book by Chin-tao Wu

"Art Not Oil" exhibit--call for entries

"Art Not Oil 2005 will include paintings, photos, sculpture and other creations that address issues like climate chaos, corporate sponsorship & greenwash, and the suicidal madness that proclaims 'profit is king' and 'money can solve any problem'. We also warmly welcome work dealing with the cancerous impact of the oil industry on the planet, and of course work that dares to imagine what solutions to these serious but not insoluble problems might look like....

...Art Not Oil 2005 will begin as a virtual gallery at, progressing we hope to a physical space at some point during the year. This could be in London or perhaps Scotland, since the G8 will be there in July, as will many thousands of protesters calling for justice, freedom and a fossil fuel-free future."

permaculture seminar in Black Mountain NC

Special Seminar Eventat Earthaven Ecovillage
Sat, July 30th, 2005 (9-5)

David Holmgren on Permaculture: A Response to Peak Oil & Energy Descent
PO Box 1209, Black Mountain, NC 28711
Sliding Scale $120 - $70 ($30 deposit required)

from The Permaculture Activist

article from the online independent

some sustainability & permaculture links

news for april 26

First of all, a big thank you to all who attended the Earth day reception at the Jacksonville Center...especially to those of you who drove quite some distance to Floyd in the rain, and then returned in heavy fog. Thanks so much for your support.

The "Dogs on Trucks" and "Clown Shoes" coloring activity was an especially nice success in my estimation, as far as participation goes. When I last checked, the pictures were still hanging up in the community room. See them if you can. They range from "great" to "hilarious".

Also, a few updates have been made to the Jacksonville School & Jacksonville Center websites. Both should be completed pretty soon.

Yesterday I met Leon Davis, the Virginia Tech architecture student who will be building a straw bale studio for the Jacksonville Center this May. Photos of Leon & his model for the structure appear on the School's newsletter. I had not known much about straw bale architecture before meeting Leon, and I am very interested to learn more.

According to Wayne, the wind generator will start getting installed at the Jacksonville Center in the near future. Look for photos of that in the newsletter, too.

In June I will be hanging a show at Bollo's, my all time favorite coffee shop.

That's it for now...God Bless


Monday, April 25, 2005

biodiesel links

Thursday, April 21, 2005

new american dream

scribbling templates

Hi folks,

Here is a printable scribbling template you might like.
Not just for kids!

"Dogs on Trucks"

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

hey Wal-mart...your Agenda is showing...

public art planning meeting--you are invited!

this is A letter I got from the Roanoke Arts Commission today...

April 20, 2005

Dear Friend:

I am writing on behalf of Roanoke and the Arts Commission to invite you to participate once again in enhancing our community. We appreciate all of your earlier contributions to the public process to develop a Public Art Plan for our city.

Hundreds of community members of all ages attended the first two public workshops to share their vision and great ideas for public art in Roanoke. In May, the planning will move into the final stages. Our consultant team will review their findings and present a preliminary Public Art Plan.

The results of electronic polling in April confirmed that a high percentage of community participants believe public art can make Roanoke more appealing to residents (85%) as well as visitors (83%). But key questions remain to be decided:

What should be the first priorities in assembling Roanoke’s future public art collection?
How should the artists and artworks be selected?

Please join us on Monday, May 2, 2005 at 5:30 PM at the Jefferson Center (541 Luck Ave SW) for the third and final workshop on public art in our city.

We look forward to seeing you on May 2 – we know you will want to preview the draft plan. Remember, your friends and family are also welcome to attend. Please RSVP to Vicki Greene at (540) 853-1260, or e-mail

Refreshments will be served and free parking will be provided. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. – you may want to come early.

Thank you again for your contributions to Roanoke and the Public Art Plan. See you on May 2!


Mark McConnel
Chair, Roanoke Arts Commission

Is life a miracle? take the Quiz & find out!

Is life a miracle?
Take the Quiz & Find Out!

Step one. Think of an Elephant.

Have you thought of an elephant, yet? Good.

Now: Un-think the Elephant.
Go ahead. It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt him.
As long as you are careful how you un-think him.

It's still hard to un-think him, isn't it?

Can you un-think the Elephant? No?
Is he cute? Is he a cute little Elephant, or a big one?
Does he have tusks? Or is “he” a girl?
Is the Elephant happy? Do you like him? Or her?

Now say goodbye, and un-think the elephant.
do it in a nice way, not a hateful way.

Repeat this quiz every time you think of, or see, an elephant.

When chlorine + antimicrobials = unintended consequences

A scientist friend of mine shared this article with me this morning, and I thought you should all be brought into the know.

I don't know enough about the details it to comment much, but I understand that Antimicrobial soaps (ones with Triclosan) have a very bad effect on the environment which is somewhere in the range of "not good" and "horrible".

Now, it seems, soaps with Triclosan have been found to produce chloroform when they mix with the chlorine in tap water.

dogs on trucks coloring activities

Dear readers,

I am really running behind with the things I am supposed to have ready for the exhibit, but I hope to have some coloring activities on hand at the studio for all ages. also if I can I will print cards and everyone will get one.

On Sunday I was talking to Katherine Devine, one of the instructors at the Jacksonville School. She was teaching a class called The Art of Teaching Art to Children.

We chatted for a while about alternative education, and how she has raised her children. It was very interesting to speak with her about this subject.

here is a link to Aero - the Alternative Education Resource Organization


here is the Wikipedia definition.
Here is what I have heard first hand about it:
I have a few friends who are trying to make this happen, but they say it is difficult to make the fuel mixture work. Some gas stations are already carrying it, though. I hear there are a lot in Ithaca.

The Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping in Blacksburg

I hear from a friend that the Reverend Billy is a must see. He will be in Blacksburg on Wednesday and Thursday.

"LET US PRAY. We ask the God-That-Is-Not-A-Product. We ask the Goddess-Who-Swims-In-The-Part-Of-The-Sky-Not- Yet-Slapped-With-Plastic-Logos -- is it possible that The End of the World has come and gone unnoticed? We are feeling strange. It is the Time of Dullness. Give us a sign. Amen." (from his website. )

I am told that the Reverend Billy does things like going into Starbucks and licking everything in the entire store as a protest.

Wednesday, April 20th - 8:00 PM - Squires Colonial
Thursday, April 21st - 9:00 PM Squires Old Dominion
Church of Stop-Shopping

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

carbon sequestration links

press releases from corporate watch

here are a few press releases & articles I recently found on the Corporate Watch site.

Global Pollution Trading
greenwash advertising
the education industry

seeking more information on an Encyclopedia entry

dear readers,
is anyone out there qualified to edit the Wikipedia encyclopedia entry for "carbon credits?" I am trying to research this topic & noticed that the page seemed badly in need of information.

Evening with Kentucky Authors

wish I was closer to this. I wouldn't miss it if the drive wasn't so long, but if you are nearer, don't miss it. Wendell Berry is one of my favorite writers.

AN EVENING WITH KENTUCKY AUTHORS - Thursday, April 21 at 5-7:30 p.m., at the EKU Center for Appalachian Studies Center (300 Summit Street) in Richmond. This is an informal gathering with the authors with a chance for us to thank them for their concern for the earth. There will again be readings and sharing of reflections. This is a fundraiser for KFTC and Kentucky Riverkeeper. Authors participating in the Thursday events include: Wendell Berry, Mary Ann Taylor Hall, Bob Sloan, Kristin Johannsen, Gwyn Hyman Rubio, Silas House (afternoon only), Ed McClanahan, Bracelen Flood, George Brosi (afternoon only) and others.

good morning

hello there. it is a beautiful morning.

I woke up at 5:30 and finished up a few updates on the new Jacksonville Center website. The new version of the site is already live, and the site launch will be announced sometime soon I hope. Still a few pages under construction, but there's a LOT of new content, including a link to the Jacksonville school newsletter/blog. Oh. And Fred First is just so nice. He put in a really nice write up about the Earth day events happening Friday. Thanks Fred. He also let me read a nice story about a farmer who has to endure his wife's pity as he does What Is Truly Important To Him. The story is in Fragments somewhere, I will look & link it up.

Monday, April 18, 2005

if you have been slimed

a multipurpose letter or note of dissatisfaction

Dear ( name of business or individual)

The parable below illustrates the reason why you ( lost, never got ) my ( business, vote, respect, phone number. )

With sincere good wishes for good luck in the future
(although I mean "luck" in the general sense of the word,
and not the kind of "luck" you seem to be finding around you.)

(your name)

Beulah's Country Donuts

Once upon a time there was a box of donuts.
Not stupid store-bought donuts, mind you. These were the Real Deal.
Made with love from the freshest possible ingredients.

A sweet little older lady named Beulah had fixed them up especially to share with others.
An optimist walked by the donuts and said,
Oh! Donuts! How lovely! How thoughtful!
And took a donut.

Then another optimist walked by the donuts and said,
Oh! Donuts! How wonderful! How lovely! Beulah is such a sweetheart. However, I am allergic to donuts. No donut for me is better, but that just leaves more for everyone else.

Then a pessimist walked by the donuts and said,
Isn’t that just typical. People make these stupid donuts and expect you to be friends with them.
And he took three donuts.

Then a self-described optimist walked by the box of donuts.
He read Beulah's handwritten note: Help yourself to some donuts, friend!

AHA! What an opportunity, thought the so-called optimist. This box of donuts will fit perfectly inside my carpet bag.

When no one was looking, he put the entire container of donuts in his carpet bag.
Then he went out and sold all the donuts. Then he sold the box, which was actually a cute little item by itself, as Beulah had decorated it with farm scenes and bunnies and so forth. He even sold the handwritten note.

Finally, when he was all out stuff to sell, he figured out a way to start selling the donut holes. Don’t ask me how. He just did.

When he was done doing that, he put on his handsomest bow tie, went and found Beulah’s house, and knocked on the door.

Good morning, Madame, said the Slime Lander, smiling broadly. “May I interest you in a business proposition?”

--from the Traces Library for Creative Literacy
this article may be forwarded or copied freely, but please credit Suzy Nees.

from a flyer for the Thomas Jefferson Cockram Memorial Benefit & food drive

Hi folks, this is from a flyer I picked up at Harvest Moon in Floyd:

Thomas Jefferson Cockram Memorial Benefit
Sunday, May 1, 2005
Meadows of Dan, VA

Tommy Cockram was a familiar figure in Meadows of Dan. Daily, he walked up and down Rt. 58, picking up trash and cans thrown out by an uncaring public. Tommy would take the aluminum cans down to Stuart for recylcing. The money he received from this he would give to help those he fest were in greater need than he.

To honor the memory of this remarkable man, and to continue the good work he diligently did, Appalachian Mountain Gourmet Inc. has organized a benefit memorial in his name.

The funds raised for this benefit will go directly to 'Safety Rope", a charitable organization in Patrick County. Its primary purpose is to provide financial assistance to those residents of Patrick County whose needs cannot or are not being met from other sources. 'Safety Rope" in particular assists those people who do not qualify for state or government assistance, yet are still having difficulty in obtaining necessities like shelter, heat, clothing, and medical care. 'Safety Rope' assists those who, in Tommy's words, "Are up against it".

The Thomas Jefferson Cockram Memorial Benefit will take place on Suday, May 1, 2005 at Christopher's Pizza in Meadows of Dan, VA. The musical entertainment begins at 11:00 am, with opening ceremonies provided by Tommy's home post, the Meadows of Dan VFW Post 8467, the PCHS Junior ROTC, and the 'Star Spangled Banner" sung by Patty Hazlewood of Stuart, who is also serving as mistress of ceremonies. The line-up includes the Good Intentions, Marshall Brothers & the High Road, Patty Hazlewood, Marcy Horne & Next Step, and will be headlined by special guests Sammy Shelor & Friends. The music & festivities are scheduled to conclude at 5:00 pm.

There is no admission charge for the benefit. Instead of charging an admission fee, we are asking for cash donations or donations of canned and/or dry goods. The canned goods collected will be used to re-stock existing food 0pantries and to provision the new food pantry at Harris Chapel United Methodist Church in Willis, Virginia.

At this time, we have an abundance of vegetables. What we desperately need are proteins. We are asking that you donate canned meats, Ensure, family sized soups, packaged dinners and staples such as flour, cornmeal, and other cooking essentials.

Events on site

Musical entertainment
Bake sale--by the slice, or buy the whole thing
Vendors & crafters of all kinds
Carousel Rides
Cabin tours
Fresh fruit & sugar-free desserts

Come make a memory with us!

for information on Safety Rope, please write to:

Safety Rope, Inc.
PO Box 1439
Stuart, VA 24171

Friday, April 15, 2005

far & away
this is a theatre show happening in Blacksburg. I believe it is playing next weekend, but not sure.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

something funny that might make you laugh

Hi folks
I just wrote this this morning, thought it might make you laugh.

The Unhappy Vampire

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Kentucky Authors Mountaintop Removal Tour

hi readers, as I am a big Wendell Berry fan I was glad to learn of this...

Kentucky Authors Mountaintop Removal Tour

Wendell Berry and Silas House are leading a tour of mountaintop removal sites in eastern Kentucky on April 20 and 21 for more than a dozen Kentucky authors.

STORIES FROM THE MOUNTAINS: presentations from coalfield residents about the impacts of mining on their homes, families and communities - Wednesday, April 20, 7 p.m. at Hindman Settlement School. A program featuring stories from Kentuckians For The Commonwealth members will help the authors understand the daily consequences of coal mining and the true cost of coal borne by all Kentuckians.

KENTUCKY AUTHORS READINGS and REFLECTIONS - Thursday, April 21 at 2 p.m., Posey Auditorium on the Eastern Kentucky University campus in Richmond. The concluding activities of the authors tour will take place at EKU as part of their Earth Days in the Cumberlands series of events. At this event the authors will read from their works and share reflections on their mountaintop removal tour.

AN EVENING WITH KENTUCKY AUTHORS - Thursday, April 21 at 5-7:30 p.m., at the EKU Center for Appalachian Studies Center (300 Summit Street) in Richmond. This is an informal gathering with the authors with a chance for us to thank them for their concern for the earth. There will again be readings and sharing of reflections. This is a fundraiser for KFTC and Kentucky Riverkeeper.Authors participating in the Thursday events include: Wendell Berry, Mary Ann Taylor Hall, Bob Sloan, Kristin Johannsen, Gwyn Hyman Rubio, Silas House (afternoon only), Ed McClanahan, Bracelen Flood, George Brosi (afternoon only) and others.

Exhibit Announcement--Mapping the Dearth

Mapping the Dearth of Things
An exhibit by Suzy Nees
At the Traces art space in Floyd, VA

Open studio on Friday April 22 from 5 to 8 pm.

This spring, there will be an exhibit of sculpture & works on paper by Suzy Nees centered around the concept and aesthetics of “Mu”, or “Lack Thereof”, with a focus on issues related to conservation of culture and resources.

This collection of work includes granite sculpture, comics, writings and story-fragments which ask: Is less always such a bad thing?

You never miss your water until your well runs dry…but what does it feel like when you run out of Lack? Lack of noise pollution, for example? Or lack of smog? How do you think you would feel if someone started broadcasting advertisements on the surface of the moon?

This exhibit features cartoons of dogs on trucks, but it also takes a highly skeptical look at the current Yardstick of Progress as we know it. It also introduces new concepts in environmental commerce that promise to really turn things around in the future, like Carbon Credits. For all ages. On display until June.

Related links
Earth Day Events at the Jacksonville Center
The Moon is Not Enough
The Unhappy Vampire

a new work

this is new it is called compassion is the seventh sense

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


design everything. especially your footprint.
know when to use stasis, or dearth.
absence is beautiful, too.

Monday, April 11, 2005

a lot of listings for this week.

hmm.. let me see now...lots of things to announce this week, but Im way too busy to post more than a few things. hope to post some new pictures of the school if I can.

Poetry Slam at the Easy Chair in Blacksburg on the 15th (?) and some other days, that is a nice bookstore if you don't mind me just saying. Seriously they have some fantastic titles. Maybe if I am feeling really gutsy I will try reading some ghost poems. anyway you should go.

I also got word that Anna Egge is playing soon at Oddfella's and I don't know what night that is, but I hear she is just unearthly nice to listen to.

Earth day event planning still underway. I will be opening a new show in studio 124 sometime before April 20 & will be meeting the public on the 22nd at my new space for the Traces project. On April 22 there will be events at the Jacksonville Center. Like what? Like an opening reception for the new recycled art exhibit. What time? I think starting around 7. going until around 9.

To former readers of the Traces stone sculpture archive...ALL THAT INFO is here now, until I find a little assistance for maintaining the content of that site. This is where the newest news will be posted. Goldsworthy is and/or was in DC recently. I wish I could give you more info about that. Also wish I could give you more info on the Noguchi show in DC which I think is not yet over.

Can I ask you a favor? Could you please help me get the word out about this event?
Earth Day Events at the Jacksonville Center

Also here is the Jacksonville School Blog. Not many folks are using it yet but hopefully that will change soon. New site launch for the Center will happen soon, too.

...well. I must go. thanks for reading. God Bless.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Earth day festivities at the Jacksonville Center

On the evening of Friday, April 22 (Earth Day), there will be an open house and reception at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd, Virginia. Upstairs, in the Hayloft Gallery, there will be an exhibit of art made from recycled and salvaged materials, with refreshments being served in the Community Room. There will be extended hours in the retail shop and artists' studios downstairs, and Chris Shackelford will be giving tours of the soon-to-be opened Jacksonville School for the Arts and Culture. For more information on this event, please call the Jacksonvile Center at (540) 745-2784.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Progeny film fest at the Lyric in Blacksburg

Thanks for the info, is an announcement about the Progeny film fest at the Lyric Theatre in Downtown Blacksburg.

"Come on out and enjoy these films on April 16th at the Lyric Theatre, in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia. At 11am, the festival will begin (doors will open at 10:30am so make sure and get a good seat).

Below is the schedule of the Festival with the accepted films listed in the order to which they will be played. 11:00am First wave of films [total runtime not including each introduction: 1hr 47min
1. "Revolution" by A.J. Broadbent [runtime: 8 min 20 sec]
2. "A Spaghetti Western" by Joe Blum [runtime: 12 min 30 sec]
3. "Bocce" by Greg Hess [runtime: 16 min 35 sec]
4. "Ready or Not" by Nathan Skreslet [runtime: 5 min 20 sec]
5. "Escalation" by Banana Productions [runtime: 4 min 57 sec]
6. "Fruitopia" by Tim Leaton [runtime: 8 min 20 sec]
7. "Bear Johnson: Alaskan Adult Film Star" by Navid Rojiani, AlexGrizzard, and Marat Biyashev [runtime: 6 min 53 sec]
8. "Ode to Mac" by Joseph Tran [runtime: 2 min 49 sec]
9. "Zero Sum" by Jeremiah Lewis [runtime: 18 min 27 sec]
10. "Horse Feathers" by Kacy McAllister [runtime: 4 min 59 sec]
11. "Burned Mind" by Terry Wedin [runtime: 8 min 50 sec]
12. "Bandit" by Max Van Tassell [runtime: 5 min 56 sec]
13. "Love Crusher" by Joe Kelley [runtime: 3 min 34 sec]

1:10pm Lunch Intermission

1:55pm Second wave of films start [total runtime not including eachintro: 2hr 04min]
14. "Stimuli" by Patrick Ian Beach [runtime: 16 min 58 sec]
15. "The 51st State" by Banana Productions [runtime: 15 min 09 sec]
16. "Pushing Past" by JD Medlock [runtime: 19 min 45 sec]
17. "Lights at the Airport" by Greg Hess [runtime: 4 min 59 sec]
18. "On Set with ThanksBrother Productions" by Michael Kennedy [runtime:8> >min 8 sec]
19. "A Short Film" by Tyler Smith [runtime: 4 min 30 sec]
20. "Vida" by Marco Shepherd [runtime: 4 min 27 sec]
21. "The Quickening" by Shea Sizemore [runtime: 20 min 49 sec]
22. "Lost in Transit" by Ashley Matthews [runtime: 10 min 07 sec]
23. "The NOVATRON Alliance" by Jessie Storey with Stu Ottenritter andEvan Gant [runtime: 20 min]

4:20pm Michelle Krusiec Q&A session

5:10pm Judges make final winners announcement
5:25pm Festival Ends
From all of us, The 2005 Progeny Motion Picture Festival Board"

Saturday, April 02, 2005

PBS special on Appalachia

We wanted to let you know that a 3-part PBS special about our region, called "The Appalachians," will begin airing this evening on some PBS stations. The series is a major television event narrated by Naomi Judd and Marty Stuart.The series will run on different dates on each PBS station. To find out when "The Appalachians" will be shown in your area, check your local listings or click here:

The film series focuses on Appalachian culture, and we've heard that it includes quite a bit on mountaintop removal. We hope you'll tune in!

More information from PBS: "The Appalachians" is a special television event that will present a comprehensive, coherent and dramatically human historical and cultural overview of this distinctive region. This three-hour television special will document the unique legacy, courage, character, arts and cultureof the central and southern Appalachian people.

Following a historical chronology, the narrative thread will feature the human voices of this mountain region through filmed interviews, journals, and letters of common people; the writers, poets, scholars, and historians; the artisans and the haunting music that have evolved with the culture. This is a portrait framed with truth, passion, and respect for the Native Americans and the people who came to this land from Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Africa, Mexico, and virtually every other nation.

"The Appalachians" is the definitive program on this region and will provide a fresh perspective on this rich part of American heritage. Past and present are linked with a passionate and intimately personal portrait of the land and people in a powerful, entertaining, and enlightening showcase of a culture that is still alive and vital today. It is the story of perhaps the most diverse culture in America in the process of reinventing itself. It is the story of a people whose legacy has been ignored by mass media.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Hi folks,
A great day today...plenty of news. The Jacksonville Center is featured in this month's issue of National Geographic Traveler along with a whole lot of other cool stuff including a foldout map of Appalachia. I found the issue in the bookstore today. Also I was working with Chris Shackleford today to help get a blog going for the school...I'm hoping it will work as a kind of bulletin board to keep staffers, volunteers, and friends of the Jacksonville Center in the loop about what's going on here day by day.
Oh and the Earth day open studio at the Jacksonville Center is a definite. There will be an opening reception for a recycled art exhibit in the Hayloft that evening, and Chris will be hosting a tour of the school's new facilities. Also I & some other artists will be keeping our studios open that evening (April 22).
well. thats all for now. God bless.