Saturday, May 09, 2009

"Green shoots" of economic progress just more schwag industries in the making?

Dear reader,

While browsing recent issues of financial newspapers as of late I have noticed many a reference to food security, liability concerns with respect to abandoned properties, etc.

Your assistance in clipping and/or interpreting such articles is vastly appreciated, as is any help you can offer in quantifying and/or documenting the growth of shoots of so-called progress, green or otherwise.

I will be happy to trade you View by the pound if you can furnish my fancy new arts factory with nicely presented items from the list above. If you like, you can also volunteer on site. Your View must be 100% satisfactory or I will give you the cash equivalent of items or assistance provided.

With your help, and a bit of help from the County of Floyd, Virginia, we can help ensure that the green shoots of progress some of us are seeing do not turn out to take root and become pure Schwag.

Please stay tuned to learn more about doing battle with Schwag in Floyd County, VA and beyond.


P.S. My arts factory is very reasonably priced at just 109K and since it seems to be raining arts every day here (adding exponentially to my curatorial burden) let us just say that I am entertaining all even-more-reasonable offers!