Friday, June 22, 2007

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this weekend there will be an ice cream social in Floyd (2 pm Sat.) and a community picnic on Brush Mountain (5 pm Sat). also a grand re-opening performance at the Country Store.
also below is a post from
I will post more info when I can, have a great day. -Suzy


This Sunday! - June 24
A special showing of the new film OURTOWN, about a small town in Maine that took on Walmart, and won.

At the Lyric Theatre
Sunday, June 24, 3 PM

The film will be followed by a conversation with special guest, Jenny Mayher, who founded Ourtown Damariscotta, and is featured in the film. Download our PDF poster.

You are invited to the after-film pot luck reception. Bring food and drink to Gillie's, starting at 7 PM, to talk with Jenny Mayher, and keep the energy flowing.



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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happy Juneteenth!!

here is some breaking news from

and here is some news from the Brown family compound in New Hampshire, where Ed & Elaine Brown are surrounded by federal agents and have vowed to "either walk out of here free or die", because they believe that federal income tax laws are not simply unlawful, but actually non-existent.

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Friday, June 15, 2007



"Appalachian Shamisen" player performing soon in the Big Lick

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here is a link on some new developments at Massey

also if you have a chance to pick up the New River current today you will find a good write-up in there about Japanese Bluegrass. there will be a concert at the Jefferson Center in Roanoke on Tuesday, I will post details when I can.

I believe June 18 is the date of the Juneteenth celebration in Blacksburg, I will post more info about this when I can too.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thursday Coal protest on the Capitol lawn

WHAT: Press conference protesting dangerous “coal-to-liquid” legislation and calling on Senator Barack Obama and Senate leaders to show leadership on global warming

WHEN: Thursday, June 14 @ 11:00 AM

WHERE: Lower Senate Park, north side of Capitol Building, near the intersection of Louisiana Avenue NW and D Street NW. Call 202-997-2466 or 973-460-1458 for directions.

WHO: Initiated by the Chesapeake Climate Action Network and the U.S. Climate Emergency Council

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Dozens of activists will dump one ton of raw coal on the U.S. Capitol lawn Thursday to protest Senator Barack Obama’s support for a disastrous coal-to-liquid bill. Representatives of climate and environmental groups will join forces on Thursday, June 14th at 11:00 a.m. in Lower Senate Park on Capitol Hill to call for Sen. Obama and others who say they oppose global warming to drop their support for “coal-to-liquid” legislation being debated in the Senate.

Monday, June 11, 2007

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here is a link to a new article related to the Hokie Spirit memorial fund

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Time to give the nice lady her clothes back

They say that ignorance is bliss. Whether or not this is true, it absolutely can be said that certain forms of knowledge can be a heavy, or even a poisonous, burden to those who must carry them to their final destination. Even so, people of good conscience must endure, and keep moving important information where it needs to go, no matter how much they might feel like killing themselves or killing their mind in the vain hope that this act will make bad facts go away.

The past few years have felt like a blur to me, defined only vaguely by key moments like the time I first learned about mountaintop removal, and the time I learned about the murder of Sue Daniels. I have had many moments, and many days and weeks since then, in which I wished wholeheartedly that I could shed the information burden I was carrying, and to forget all the bad facts I knew about abuses against Appalachia.

Who knows how much more functional I could have been in the past few years had I not been forced to endure the knowledge that Great Appalachia, that icon of purity and God's grace, is being continually and systematically raped in full view of the world and all the people who love and cherish her. This sickening awareness has preyed on my mind from the moment I learned about mountaintop removal coal mining, and it has not left me for a moment since.

Aside from the support of my family, friends, and pets, I have a few simple comforts that allow me to function under these circumstances. One is gardening. The other is the Book of Revelation.

Some people get a little antsy at the mention of this book but I am way past caring about that. I know better to think that such an important piece of writing should be stifled or suppressed simply based on the fact that it can be misinterpreted and used by unethical persons as a license to frighten the public with half-baked theories presented as prophecy.

I am a student of language. I know that anything that has been translated even once should be viewed carefully with the understanding that some parts may not be literally true, much less prophetic. And the Bible has been translated umpteen times and edited and re-copied by countless persons.

Some people might feel sorry for Bible readers like me because they assume, for some reason, that we are incapable of interpreting everything in it as anything but an absolute literal truth. Some Bible readers like that may exist, and I do not seek to judge them, but I am not one of them.

For example, my opinion is that God may not really be planning to literally squish an entire city until the blood runs up to the horse bridles and then make wine from the blood to serve to the wicked. I can't say it isn't a great comfort to me, though, to know that imagery like this has been served up for centuries to whoever is curious enough to read the words of St. John the Divine. Knowing this cheers me up considerably, especially now that I am older and I am carrying tons of unwanted information in my mind about the evils that man is capable of.

When I get really sad about evil I imagine some really wicked rapist opening up the Book of Revelation in a moment of boredom or whatever and getting the unexpected wake-up call of their lives. A moment of satori in which they turn their back on evil forever and can no longer move freely in the world anymore as they used to, simply because now they cannot go anywhere or do anything without consulting their newfound conscience.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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if I had more of a tolerance for dealing with offices and paperwork and bureaucrats and so forth I think it would be fun to go start up an organization called ICAWHF. Which would stand for Involuntary Consumer's Association of the Wine of Her Fornication.

I have no tolerance for bureaucracy of course, so I can only hope that maybe someone else will do this instead of me. then I can just pay some dues each year to register my frustration with issues like ambient estrogen, mercury poisoning, water quality theft, sex-selective abortion, lies from Big Media, etc. etc.

then the genius people at the ICAWHF could somehow carefully quantify my frustration, and the frustration of other ICAWHF members, and as our advocate the ICAWHF would somehow find a way to track down "Her", or at least a collection of individuals and entities who more or less fit in the same shoes that fit "Her", in order to symbolically serve up a double dose of the frustration and madness that has been meted out to all of us on Earth as involuntary consumers of the byproducts of wanton waste.

who knows if it would have a lasting effect but hey, it might at least be good for a laugh or two, and who can resist that when it is at the expense of the Great Whore?


Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pet welfare calendar item

September 15 2007 - Pet Adoption Day

Floyd Animal Rescue and other local rescue groups introduce adorable and homeless animals for adoption. Come out and support our four-legged friends! Area crafters, artisans and information groups enhance this warm and fuzzy event. At Chateau Morrisette. Free, 11 am-4 pm. 540.593.2865 or


Dude, where's my aquifer?

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here is a link to an interesting article on water rights and water quality in West Virginia

if you own land with with access to moving water or any water body at all I sincerely hope you will take a moment, if you have not already, to learn about the rights you hold with respect to your property...

some states acknowledge riparian rights while others acknowledge rights of prior appropriation and the difference between these two is probably not something you can afford to be ignorant about, no matter water-rich or time-poor you might feel right now.

once you are finished with this homework you may wish to do a little extra credit and find out what sort of air rights you possess in the eyes of the law. you may be very surprised to learn how different your presumptive rights are when they are compared with the de facto rights you wind up with in the "cheat-cheat-win" landscape that has overgrown so much of our good wild and cultivated land.

for example, all around you, through both natural and less-natural systems, the processes of nitrogen fixation and carbon sequestration are taking place on and above your land more or less invisibly.

if you are a farmer or a conservation landowner, especially an Appalachian one, keeping these concepts on your radar can prevent you (and our environment) from being victimized by the widespread and ongoing scam that is property encroachment and resource appropriation by air.

bye, have a beautiful day & thanks for reading. -Suzy

ps. please contact AV before mid-July if you would like to have your ad included in the August issue.