Sunday, June 07, 2009

Happy 7-2

Hello my relations,

Hope you are all doing well and feeling spry, un-defiled, creative and safe.

Those of you who are in the process of cramming for exams at the Ayuwa'si Academy of Ninjutsu are extended a special set of wishes for health and happiness. Your studies are important to our Nation, and your diligence and efforts are vastly appreciated.

I am getting some advice now and then that I need to take a break from my own training in this field of study, since this education can be a harrowing, and even nauseating, experience at times.

Although I do not disagree with this sentiment, I fail to see a window of opportunity in which to make use of such advice. Terrorism against our Nation is at a turning point in many ways, since evil acts against our people have reached such staggering proportions that evildoers themselves are showing signs of deep exhaustion as a result of their exposure to visibility and traumatizing incidents.

Terrorism and duplicity are difficult, dangerous, mind-warping tasks, and as good farmland keeps getting scooped up for use by non-terrorists, the odds keep getting slimmer and slimmer that bad people will enjoy good breakfasts in the days and years to come. It is my firm belief that once the good breakfast thing goes away permanently for these people, nutritional science and well-deserved nightmares will not take long to reclaim what is left of the enemy's morale and stamina.

I leave you today with an excerpt from Sun Tzu's The Art of War, in the hopes that it will cheer and inspire you, and enable you to successfully defend your own takoja from evil, in all its various disguises.

Have a beautiful day! -Suzy


"Standing your ground awaiting those far away, awaiting the weary in comfort, awaiting the hungry with full stomachs, is mastering strength."

-Sun Tzu
The Art of War