Sunday, June 07, 2009

Takai, ne, ethnic cleansing wa!

Dear friends & readers,

Hope you are all doing well. Many thanks to all of you who have helped my family and I through our recent adventures. Despite an assortment of challenges to their safety and well-being, Cleo, Dracola, Ninja, Princess and Nuti the Goldfish are all doing well, thanks to your support and encouragement.

Sadly, however, Nuti lost her partner, Rati the Goldfish, yesterday. And although nothing about Rati’s passing suggests that racially motivated foul play has occurred, Nuti’s loss should give us all good reason to reflect on the vast expensive-ness and the toxic effects of ethnic cleansing in all its forms and disguises.

Nuti’s namesake is a silly-looking critter I drew many years ago. An eyeball floats in space in front of her, bringing to mind one way in which the Japanese express the concept of sticker shock. “Your eyeballs will out,” my teacher used to say when describing something incredibly “takai” (expensive).

In memory of innocent beings like Rati, and in celebration of those that survive him, our little patch of the Romany Rez in Katuah is currently busy examining, through writings and artwork, the out-of-body eyeball phenomenon as it relates to the evils of ethnic cleansing. I hope you will join us here soon to help co-create this body of work so that Rezidents like Rati can be properly mourned when they pass, and by this I mean that their passing will be framed within a sober awareness of the fact that many of us on Earth still live in a Holocaust-shaped world.

Buried radioactive waste is sometimes marked with glyphs as a way of providing language-independent instructions to future generations about embedded hazards within their world…but could it be that this practice would be put to much better use in documenting the half-life of ethnic cleansing? Great waves of suffering, churned out by tides of Holocaust denial, suggest to me that in Katuah, at least, there is no time like the present to scrutinize past acts of violence and genocide for clues about creating a functional and harmonious future.

Warm regards,