Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Waiting for Peltier-sensei…Part 1

Dear Leonard Peltier-sensei,

Warm greetings from the vibrant heart of the Ayuwa’si Industrial Zone, where some of the world’s best artists and artisans have been making their mark on the landscape of commerce since April of 2009. I hope that this day is treating you well, and that you and your dear ones are feeling well, creative, prosperous and loved.

My name is Suzy Nees, and I am writing to invite you to visit this exceptional place at your earliest convenience to find out whether it might be suitable for you as one of your studio facilities.

I know that an industrial zone may not sound like a terribly appealing place to create your artwork, but the industry here is a very unique one. You see, in the Ayuwa’si Industrial Zone, we build new paradigms instead of smokestacks and assembly lines. Our workers earn food, shelter and art supplies instead of access to plague-driven currencies. And in place of meaningless gizmos, ugly inventions, and furnishings destined for landfills, we churn out well-lived Moments here, along with a functional sculpture or two.

I am certain that you will find our production team here to be among the most helpful, well-educated folks you will ever meet. We know a great deal about the functional sculpture business, and we are well versed in the “Wovoka was right” approach to monument creation. Have I mentioned our proximity to the world’s largest open-faced granite quarry?

Leonard Peltier-sensei, I appreciate your taking the time to read this missive, and hope that the gears of your idea machine are humming by now, just like the whir of a diamond saw re-sculpting some poorly made “landmark”. If I have not yet inspired you to tap some of the available resources here to co-create meaningful, life-affirming sculpture works in the Black Hills and other sacred regions, I hope that this inspiration will come to you soon. A Nation is waiting for your creative direction here.

Best wishes for continued success in your artwork and your efforts to improve the human condition.


Suzy Nees
Awuwa’si, Katuah