Wednesday, July 15, 2009

True tales of Bear Magic

Hello everyone,

Hope your day has been a happy one so far. And I hope you have had a good well-deserved breakfast. If you have not, I apologize for failing to make the Ayuwa'si Holocaust Museum robust enough to serve your personal anti-apocalypse needs. Our opera is doing its best to ensure that everyone's well-deserved breakfast needs are being met, and that apocalypse vendors like the ones that made you skip breakfast today will cease and desist with their nefarious activities.

Some of you may know that I got a pinata for my birthday this year. "Pinny" has become a great addition to our food security team here, as he keeps a patient watch over the Lair and its occupants while lightening the mood in a way that only he can. On the day I celebrated surviving four decades on this Earth, Pinny escaped a needless destruction and found safe shelter in a nearby barn.

Thank goodness I intervened! The Bear Magic fortunes have increased exponentially since Pinny began his work here, and a payout will be ready soon to all Bear Magic hockey team members. If you are looking to claim a share of this wealth, please contact the Bear Magic bank ASAP so that we can keep your pantry stocked while keeping Pinny safe from the dangers that come with the over-consumption of fortunate-ness.

Warm regards,

Suzy Nees
Bear Magic Hockey Team Bank President