Sunday, February 25, 2007

hi everyone
hope you are well

many thanks to all who made Feb. 24 such a perfect day at the Jacksonville Center residence
here is a slideshow.

bye, thanks for reading. -Suzy


Friday, February 23, 2007

Things to do @ the Jacksonville Center in Floyd tomorrow

1. Get Mu to tell your fortune.
2. Make a matchbox banjo.
3. Watch the sun move over Buffalo Mountain.
4. Read notes from pirates.
5. Play a xun earthenware flute.
6. Learn to make acorn grits.
7. View exquisite ceramic work by Sarah McCarthy.
8. Pray for a free and happy Tibet.
9. Read a back copy of the Pan Appalachian Defender.
10. Try out the Dancing Porch in the residence building.
11. Learn about the Songs from the Silo project.
12. Look at photographs and digital images in the Hayloft Gallery.
13. See work in glass by Linda O., work in clay by Terry W., and work in silk by Glenda G.
14. Think about your phosphorus footprint
15. Test the Dancing Porch again.
16. Celebrate democracy.
17. Etc.

happy Squirrel Nut Zippers info - via Wikipedia

The band never broke up, though they stopped recording and touring in 2001. Plans for new recordings are slated to begin in 2007.


Blue Dragon international stone sculpture festival

hi everyone

hope you are well

below is some information about a stone sculpture event coming up soon, I got this from Koike

bye, have a great day. - Suzy

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Blue Dragon Art Company, Taiwan + International Stone Sculpture Festival

Held every two years this Festival has already become an important international artistic activity. Participants may register through the Internet, by e-mail, or by post. Mission : To conduct an international stone sculpture on-site creation event for the purposes of promoting cultural exchange, providing aesthetics education, and development of artistic tourism

Deadline: February 26, 2007

Information: (organizing) (planning)

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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

news for February 20

hi everyone
hope you are well

here is a little news for the day

it looks like we are going to have nice weather for the party, hope to see a lot of folks there. with any luck it will be mild enough that folks can dance on the porch

this will be on the 24th from noon to 5. Music, art, and democracy will be celebrated, as will community ties and the miracle of Spring. at 2 a group will arrive from Blacksburg to play music and meet others who are interested in creating an audio CD which features music recorded at the Jacksonville Center.

if this idea intrigues you even a little bit please show up on Saturday!

I will be posting an invite shortly on the Northern Most page, please feel free to forward it to whoever you would like

also if you are in Floyd on the 24th please don't forget the Winter Carnival to help Joshua and Chance get better. Posters can be found around town and info can be found at

there is also a benefit art auction in Blacksburg on the 24th, please visit for more details.

another good benefit to watch for is the Oxfam benefit at the Winter Sun coming up on April 22. Carbon Culture and many others will play.

also here is some very great news. American Dumpster is playing on May 18 at the Sun. $6 in advance, $9 the day of the show.

American Dumpster is one of the featured bands in the audio room of the current Traces installation, also Carbon Culture and A'Court Bason are being featured so if you are interested in hearing music by these folks well that is just one more reason you should stop by the party on Saturday.

Ja ne, hope you are well. Have a beautiful day.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Feb. 13 news

hi everyone

hope you are well
I am told that the show at the Coffee Pot was very great and fun, many thanks to all who made it so.

If you have any interest at all in Appalachian reforestation please visit the forum and look up Arundinaria Appalachiana.

This is the third known species of native North American bamboo, and it is found in the Southern Appalachians. In August of 2006 a paper was published to dis-ambiguate this species from other species of bamboo.

In music etc news Chris and Billy will play on Feb. 14, 17, 18 and 24 at Oddfellas and they are going to play at the Jacksonville Center on February 24.

A few days ago I met with some folks who are looking to put together a benefit CD featuring sounds from the Jacksonville Center. If you are interested in becoming involved in this please come to the Feb. 24 art & music party.

I need to go now but hope you are all doing well. Take care & thanks very much for reading.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

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hi everyone
hope you are having a nice day

the Country Store is so great now, Snake Hollow Band was great too although I missed most of their show unfortunately.

it is very big and the lighting is great. just very pleasant in there now I have to say.

next Wednesday at Radford U. there will be a performance by some Appalachian ladies who have an organization with a name I can't remember. Anyway it sounds very good, I will check the paper and see the times and so forth and post them when I get time.

the Traces library is going to be installed at the Jacksonville Center residence during the month of February, with a reception on Saturday, February 24.

there are books and pictures but this is also going to be more multimedia stuff, DVD's and CD's and so forth.

so far I have 1 confirmed volunteer for the free live music thing, Billy is going to play at 2 pm. if you know a musician or a band who might like to be an absolute angel and use their music making powers to help this rag-tag little ambient library get off the ground please contact us.

although at this time we have no $$$ to offer in return for your musicianship we are all ears when it comes to innovative, Eff-the-Mofos solutions for struggling musicians and audio artists. believe us we know that The Mofos are out there and it sure is not fun to deal with them so although the Traces Library is not a paying gig we hope that even the world's fanciest bands will not consider it beneath them to play a Traces gig or 2. we will try to make it a win-win deal for both band and library.

the Wild Turkeys and the Snake Hollow String Band are just a few of the ultra-cool bands that have played or donated music to help support the Traces library project in the past. you can be cool like that too if you help us keep the Traces library project alive.

it has been a day or two since I have heard anything about the prison site being envisioned on the New River, I am compiling information and editorials on this subject. Here is my daily rant against this insane idea, put together by a private prison developer: RANT!

further rants on this topic are 100% guaranteed until further notice. I am sickened, very literally, by the sheer audacity of New River polluters but this is just too, too much.

it is bad enough that I have to wake up every morning with my ikigai missing because some Effer forgot to do the right thing and see to it that The Kids @ Marsh Fork somehow get a field trip somewhere, anywhere today so that they can get a proper education which will enable them to exercise their undoubtedly gigantic brain muscles and reach for a day when the slurry impoundment is all a distant memory, and they are (all 22o of them) widely acknowledged geniuses of some sort or the other.

that is the dream I have to reach for or else all my ikigai drains away by noon. and once the ikigai goes missing my mind slips away with it. and then things really stop being fun.

well I need to go now, take care & have a great day. -Suzy

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Thursday, February 01, 2007

music etc. info for Feb. 1

hi everyone hope you are well
here is a bit of music etc. info:

Today (Thursday): Jugbusters @ the Cellar in Blacksburg (please phone to confirm)
Friday: Irish night @ Oddfellas in Floyd
Friday: Snake Hollow String Band, many others @ the Floyd Country Store
Saturday: Retro folk duo Rebecca Hall & Ken Anderson @ Oddfella's in Floyd

Also there will be a contra dance at the Sun Music Hall soon featuring No Strings Attached. Carbon Culture is playing on Feb. 9 at Whiskers in Floyd, this is a CD release party.

Also here is a helpful hint for lovers of Carbon Culture. The Allen boys in Carbon Culture also perform as the Allen Trio, so watch for that name too when searching for places to go see great live music. American Dumpster will be at the Coffee Pot in Roanoke on February 9 as well, and they will return again in March.

That is all I can remember right now...also WUVT fans will be happy to learn that the station has gotten a boost in transmitting power and I believe that the streaming thing is working better now. Folks outside the transmitting area can query "WUVT 90.7" to learn more. By the way I give 5 stars to the "Snakes on the Radio" show which I heard on WUVT for the first time today.

In other news, there is going to be a presentation at Cooper House tonight featuring a multimedia presentation on Black farmers. Sorry I don't have a contact # or more info for you, but the flyer did not contain a whole lot of info. Bye, have a wonderful day, thanks for reading. -Suzy