Thursday, May 31, 2007

Appalachian Voices summer issue

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I am currently helping to find sponsors and advertisers for the Appalachian Voice newspaper...there is a day or so left until the official deadline for the August issue so please get in touch soon if you are at all interested in promoting your business, event or organization while helping to support a really incredible FREE newspaper with a distribution of 75,000 in seven states.
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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ordinance 1450 vote tonight in Blacksburg - Please attend!

From the desk of David Britt, President of Citizens First:

"We urge you to attend when Town Council votes on Ordinance 1450 this coming Tuesday, May 29, in Council Chambers, at 7:30 p.m. A positive vote, especially with overwhelming public support, will give Council increased say in large-scale development in Blacksburg . And the opponents of 1450 are mounting a strong campaign to defeat the measure. You may have received one of the telemarketing calls asking you to oppose the Ordinance.

You need to know that a huge crowd is expected at the meeting, so you may not get a seat inside the chambers. But if speakers can say that an overflow crowd is on hand to hear the outcome of the vote, their voices will carry greater weight. And everyone wishing to speak will be heard.

Reasonable people have inquired about finding a different, larger venue for this important meeting. The response was that transparency dictates that the vote occur at the time and place already announced. Further, the OBMS is closed, making its near-by auditorium unavailable. And, most importantly, television coverage is available in Council Chambers.

We invite you to attend this historic meeting, as a speaker or a witness."


Sunday, May 13, 2007

Zamamiro Massey!

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Zamamiro is not a word I like to use lightly, but today is very special: I just found out that Massey is getting sued by the Feds!

According to federal prosecutors, Massey and its subsidiaries have violated the Clean Water Act for a minimum of 69,071 days. Up to $32,500 is being sought for each day's worth of pollution. Zamamiro, Massey: That's what you get for dishonoring Mother Earth! has details on the story, which can be found by scrolling North on the loop.

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happy mother's day

hi everyone, hope you are doing well and having a lovely mother's day

this is an interesting article on hempcrete, which is being used by the Sioux to build new residences

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Omedetou Krisha!

This is a link to a Roanoke Times article on Blacksburg native Krisha Chachra's new book about small-town life. Krisha will be signing copies this coming Friday at a book release party at the University Club in Blacksburg.

Omedetou (congratulations!) to Krisha for this really neat accomplishment.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

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hope you are doing really well

here is a bit of news

there will be a festival in Roanoke on the first weekend in June to celebrate Lebanese culture, I will post more info on this event when I can

ArtTrain will be in Pulaski at the end of May

also American Dumpster is going to be in Floyd on May 18

and here is a PDF explaining NAIS and the NICFA fund:

bye, have a great day & thanks for reading. -Suzy