Monday, July 31, 2006


hi everyone
hope you are well
here is a detail from a picture I just put up in studio 124 at the Jacksonville Center

this is oil paint on plastic, and under the plastic there are some old maps of the New River

I also installed some work there a few days ago in the residential facility, here is a non-inclusive list of things that will be set up there for this exhibit.

photography - Mack Whatley, Beth Jones
quenahachi walking stick flute, transverse flute - Billy Miller
postcards, posters, installation art - Suzy Nees
poetry, sumi ink calligraphy - A'Court Bason
charcoal drawing - Joseph Kelley

the show is not completely up yet, I am setting some new things there in a few days or so.

if you would like a tour of this space please get in touch with Chris at the Jacksonville Center.

ja ne, have a great day.


image tags - Falling Springs Virginia/West Virginia

Saturday, July 29, 2006

traces stone sculpture site under renovation

hi everyone
site renovations are happening (for real!) in the stone sculpture archives

here are two urls that have been updated recently

I will keep you posted as more pages are updated. thanks for your patience.


Friday, July 28, 2006


hi everyone
hope you are well

I will be pasting some notes in this area
and am formatting it like this

< - - -...- - -- - north - - -...---...---...--- - - -- - loop -- >

because there is a whopping browser error
on this page when I view it on a mac with explorer.

please proceed to Nantoka's Science Page
if you would like to continue virtually magnetizing the loop.

if you have reached this page via Virtual North, welcome!

and TGIF.

Rosalie's music announcements include
some info on a band playing
at the Gap this weekend

I am also looking to post the Oak Grove schedule
but don't know where it is

below is something you might find handy
all three shows below can be found on WUVT 90.7

(it streams!)



a list of WUVT radio shows


7 - 9 am Tuesdays
Americana - David Franusich

12 pm - 2 pm Thursdays
Soul - Ali Sherbiny

9 pm to 12 pm Thursdays
Len Comeratta - the Rare Groove


- - - -..---...---...---...----...---...---...---...---.-...---...---...---...---.-...---...---...-- - - - -

This Saturday (7/29) Afternoon 12-3
Funks Blue Hybrid Will be bringing their
Soulful Rockin' sound to Tuggles Gap.

Visit their site

- - -...---...---...---...----...---...---...---...---.-...---...---...---...---.-...---...---...-- - - -

Thursday, July 27, 2006

open mic at Oasis in Blacksburg

---...--- music news for July 27, 2006 - This Friday, there will be an open mic music event at Oasis Market in Blacksburg, Virginia starting at 7 pm.

For more information, please call (540) 953 - 3950.


Wednesday, July 26, 2006

july 26 2006

hi everyone

hope you all are well
many thanks to everyone who made the 22nd such a wonderful day

the snake hollow string band will be playing at Floyd Fest this weekend
look for them near the kids' tent

the exhibit up now at Traces will be there until September 1 and after that I am not sure what will be in there

I am planning to place an ad in the paper today similar to the one below


Studio or art display space
Prime location at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd
For rent by the day, week, or month
Please email for details
To tour the space and learn about amenities, please call 540-745-2784 and ask for Wayne


this is part of an effort to keep the gallery open past September 1 since I can't find any more money for this project.

if you know someone who might be interested in subleasing the Traces space please cut & paste the ad above & send it to them. I am also open to the idea of keeping it open as an art co-op, or a food or clothing bank, if I can get enough participation. If you would like to be involved in something like that please make your interests known ASAP.

I'd love to keep the space open through the winter and on into spring but it has become much too difficult for me to manage alone.

anyway I need to go now and take care of some things, have a great day & thanks for reading.


Monday, July 17, 2006



You are invited
to an art & music party
at the Jacksonville Center
in Floyd, Virginia on
Saturday, July 22
from 4 to 7 pm.

All are welcome!

Please feel free to bring:

Musical instruments
Picnic things
Art samples &tc.


The Jacksonville Center
is located on Rt. 8 in
Floyd, just 1/2 mile
south of the stoplight.

To learn more about this
event, please call
(540) 745-2784
or visit > news

Hope to see you there!


Friday, July 14, 2006



image from the traces archives
tags for this image - Vilnas, Lithuania,
public art, Europas Parkas, Gintaras Karosas

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hi everyone
hope you are well
Bernie, Chris and someone with a very great red fiddle are at cafe sol now, friday evening on july14 2006. go see them if you are able.
also there is a demonstration at the jacksonville center tomorrow - I lost the postcard but will try to find another one. it looks very interesting and there will be a slideshow in the evening.
bye, have a great day. -suzy



hi everyone
hope you are well

I am fine, I saw some very good music in Blacksburg last night at the good old XYZ gal'ry
I need to find my free sticker to spell their name but the band was very very good.

thanks Len! I would have stayed home last night if I had not heard you endorse them.

Ja ne, peace & blessings. have a beautiful day.

ps. Happy Bastille Day.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


You are cordially invited to attend
The Asolare Fine Arts Foundation Exhibition
at the Cork Galley in Lincoln Center’s
Avery Fisher Hall,
Broadway and Sixty-fifth Street,
New York City

July 14 – 24, 2006

Monique Aubin A’Court Bason John Cahoon John Chapman

Ellison Hargis Shanta Hauser Chip Holton Jim Moon

Michael Mosca Abigail Nussbaum Michael Presley Samantha Quick

Ron Ridgeway Courtney Roker Krissy Talbert Victavious Wilson

Monday – Saturday 10:00 until Hall closing
Sunday Noon until closing

For information contact the individual artists, or
The Asolare Fine Arts Foundation,
687 Callahan-Hill Road, Lexington, NC 27295
phone (336) 853-6964, email,
During the exhibition call the gallery at (212) 874-9933.

The Cork Gallery is made available by Lincoln Center
without charge to community art organizations.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

---...-- - - - ---...---

hi everyone
hope you are well

things here are fine, but holy cow it is hot

yesterday I had a whole bunch of trouble getting some of my blog pages to display correctly, for some reason they suddenly started looking really bad in certain browsers

in the process of fixing this I lost the links I had compiled and I am starting over...

just in case anyone is looking at this page and saying oh! no! my link sleeps with the fishes.

it's not like that at all. although I do like things a little cleaner than I had been keeping them.
also this is a good time to work in some links I have been overlooking too long, like

anyway I need to go now. take care & have a great day.


---...--- news for july 11, 2006 - there will be an informal get-together at the jacksonville center in floyd on saturday, july 22 from 5 to 7 pm. things to bring - snack items, music instruments, friends! open studios will be hosted by SLEC, Traces, David Hedges and others. please consult the loop for more details. - - -...--- - - - ---...---new & upcoming tags in the loop - search taxonomy - ---...----...---


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Monday, July 10, 2006


hi everyone

here is some news
Carbon Culture has a gig coming up rather soon at whiskers, check the help you shop blog
the last show there was very very good.
also they will be playing at the floyd fandango.

There are some new things in studio 124 now, including a recent copy of National Geographic magazine. thanks very much to the family who donated that.

also I have an archival print for sale there for the first time
this is the nantoka-as-kwannon picture.

let me see, what else. the weather is just beautiful. several of us have been talking about getting together on July 22 in the late afternoon at the Jacksonville Center to have a bit of a party.

There are several things to celebrate, some of them long overdue, like welcoming new CBI neighbors Bob and David.

Look for postings on this in the news.

ja ne, have a great day. -Suzy


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Saturday, July 08, 2006

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hi everyone
hope you are all doing well
things here are fine, I have been working with some very nice red sandstone today.

I don't have much time to play on the computer right now but I just remembered three important things that I have forgotten to post.

one is the location of David Hedge's website:

two is the location and phone number of the Bell Gallery & Garden: 112 N. Locust St., Floyd; 745-4494.

three is a critique of Carbon Culture: They WAIL, so go see them any time you get the chance.

bye, mata ne. have a great day. -Suzy


Wednesday, July 05, 2006

- o --...-- o -

hi everyone
hope you are well
things here are fine, there was quite a bit of rain today

let me see

there is news in the Help You Shop blog - Nico Woodruff will be playing at Tuggle's Gap this weekend

also David Hedges, an friend and neighbor, has recently opened a photography space at the Jacksonville Center. His place is just across from the Jacksonville Center office. More on David's work soon.

Oprah Magazine (the printed version) is currently featuring an article on mountaintop removal - this is out on newsstands now. I was not able to find any links to the article but I will keep looking.

bye, have a great day.
- Suzy