Monday, July 10, 2006


hi everyone

here is some news
Carbon Culture has a gig coming up rather soon at whiskers, check the help you shop blog
the last show there was very very good.
also they will be playing at the floyd fandango.

There are some new things in studio 124 now, including a recent copy of National Geographic magazine. thanks very much to the family who donated that.

also I have an archival print for sale there for the first time
this is the nantoka-as-kwannon picture.

let me see, what else. the weather is just beautiful. several of us have been talking about getting together on July 22 in the late afternoon at the Jacksonville Center to have a bit of a party.

There are several things to celebrate, some of them long overdue, like welcoming new CBI neighbors Bob and David.

Look for postings on this in the news.

ja ne, have a great day. -Suzy


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