Monday, July 31, 2006


hi everyone
hope you are well
here is a detail from a picture I just put up in studio 124 at the Jacksonville Center

this is oil paint on plastic, and under the plastic there are some old maps of the New River

I also installed some work there a few days ago in the residential facility, here is a non-inclusive list of things that will be set up there for this exhibit.

photography - Mack Whatley, Beth Jones
quenahachi walking stick flute, transverse flute - Billy Miller
postcards, posters, installation art - Suzy Nees
poetry, sumi ink calligraphy - A'Court Bason
charcoal drawing - Joseph Kelley

the show is not completely up yet, I am setting some new things there in a few days or so.

if you would like a tour of this space please get in touch with Chris at the Jacksonville Center.

ja ne, have a great day.


image tags - Falling Springs Virginia/West Virginia