Wednesday, July 26, 2006

july 26 2006

hi everyone

hope you all are well
many thanks to everyone who made the 22nd such a wonderful day

the snake hollow string band will be playing at Floyd Fest this weekend
look for them near the kids' tent

the exhibit up now at Traces will be there until September 1 and after that I am not sure what will be in there

I am planning to place an ad in the paper today similar to the one below


Studio or art display space
Prime location at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd
For rent by the day, week, or month
Please email for details
To tour the space and learn about amenities, please call 540-745-2784 and ask for Wayne


this is part of an effort to keep the gallery open past September 1 since I can't find any more money for this project.

if you know someone who might be interested in subleasing the Traces space please cut & paste the ad above & send it to them. I am also open to the idea of keeping it open as an art co-op, or a food or clothing bank, if I can get enough participation. If you would like to be involved in something like that please make your interests known ASAP.

I'd love to keep the space open through the winter and on into spring but it has become much too difficult for me to manage alone.

anyway I need to go now and take care of some things, have a great day & thanks for reading.