Friday, February 23, 2007

Things to do @ the Jacksonville Center in Floyd tomorrow

1. Get Mu to tell your fortune.
2. Make a matchbox banjo.
3. Watch the sun move over Buffalo Mountain.
4. Read notes from pirates.
5. Play a xun earthenware flute.
6. Learn to make acorn grits.
7. View exquisite ceramic work by Sarah McCarthy.
8. Pray for a free and happy Tibet.
9. Read a back copy of the Pan Appalachian Defender.
10. Try out the Dancing Porch in the residence building.
11. Learn about the Songs from the Silo project.
12. Look at photographs and digital images in the Hayloft Gallery.
13. See work in glass by Linda O., work in clay by Terry W., and work in silk by Glenda G.
14. Think about your phosphorus footprint
15. Test the Dancing Porch again.
16. Celebrate democracy.
17. Etc.