Tuesday, February 20, 2007

news for February 20

hi everyone
hope you are well

here is a little news for the day

it looks like we are going to have nice weather for the party, hope to see a lot of folks there. with any luck it will be mild enough that folks can dance on the porch

this will be on the 24th from noon to 5. Music, art, and democracy will be celebrated, as will community ties and the miracle of Spring. at 2 a group will arrive from Blacksburg to play music and meet others who are interested in creating an audio CD which features music recorded at the Jacksonville Center.

if this idea intrigues you even a little bit please show up on Saturday!

I will be posting an invite shortly on the Northern Most page, please feel free to forward it to whoever you would like

also if you are in Floyd on the 24th please don't forget the Winter Carnival to help Joshua and Chance get better. Posters can be found around town and info can be found at samefight.org.

there is also a benefit art auction in Blacksburg on the 24th, please visit bev.net for more details.

another good benefit to watch for is the Oxfam benefit at the Winter Sun coming up on April 22. Carbon Culture and many others will play.

also here is some very great news. American Dumpster is playing on May 18 at the Sun. $6 in advance, $9 the day of the show.

American Dumpster is one of the featured bands in the audio room of the current Traces installation, also Carbon Culture and A'Court Bason are being featured so if you are interested in hearing music by these folks well that is just one more reason you should stop by the party on Saturday.

Ja ne, hope you are well. Have a beautiful day.