Wednesday, June 06, 2007

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hi everyone
hope you are doing well today

if I had more of a tolerance for dealing with offices and paperwork and bureaucrats and so forth I think it would be fun to go start up an organization called ICAWHF. Which would stand for Involuntary Consumer's Association of the Wine of Her Fornication.

I have no tolerance for bureaucracy of course, so I can only hope that maybe someone else will do this instead of me. then I can just pay some dues each year to register my frustration with issues like ambient estrogen, mercury poisoning, water quality theft, sex-selective abortion, lies from Big Media, etc. etc.

then the genius people at the ICAWHF could somehow carefully quantify my frustration, and the frustration of other ICAWHF members, and as our advocate the ICAWHF would somehow find a way to track down "Her", or at least a collection of individuals and entities who more or less fit in the same shoes that fit "Her", in order to symbolically serve up a double dose of the frustration and madness that has been meted out to all of us on Earth as involuntary consumers of the byproducts of wanton waste.

who knows if it would have a lasting effect but hey, it might at least be good for a laugh or two, and who can resist that when it is at the expense of the Great Whore?