Monday, April 11, 2005

a lot of listings for this week.

hmm.. let me see now...lots of things to announce this week, but Im way too busy to post more than a few things. hope to post some new pictures of the school if I can.

Poetry Slam at the Easy Chair in Blacksburg on the 15th (?) and some other days, that is a nice bookstore if you don't mind me just saying. Seriously they have some fantastic titles. Maybe if I am feeling really gutsy I will try reading some ghost poems. anyway you should go.

I also got word that Anna Egge is playing soon at Oddfella's and I don't know what night that is, but I hear she is just unearthly nice to listen to.

Earth day event planning still underway. I will be opening a new show in studio 124 sometime before April 20 & will be meeting the public on the 22nd at my new space for the Traces project. On April 22 there will be events at the Jacksonville Center. Like what? Like an opening reception for the new recycled art exhibit. What time? I think starting around 7. going until around 9.

To former readers of the Traces stone sculpture archive...ALL THAT INFO is here now, until I find a little assistance for maintaining the content of that site. This is where the newest news will be posted. Goldsworthy is and/or was in DC recently. I wish I could give you more info about that. Also wish I could give you more info on the Noguchi show in DC which I think is not yet over.

Can I ask you a favor? Could you please help me get the word out about this event?
Earth Day Events at the Jacksonville Center

Also here is the Jacksonville School Blog. Not many folks are using it yet but hopefully that will change soon. New site launch for the Center will happen soon, too.

...well. I must go. thanks for reading. God Bless.