Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Progeny film fest at the Lyric in Blacksburg

Thanks for the info, is an announcement about the Progeny film fest at the Lyric Theatre in Downtown Blacksburg.

"Come on out and enjoy these films on April 16th at the Lyric Theatre, in downtown Blacksburg, Virginia. At 11am, the festival will begin (doors will open at 10:30am so make sure and get a good seat).

Below is the schedule of the Festival with the accepted films listed in the order to which they will be played. 11:00am First wave of films [total runtime not including each introduction: 1hr 47min
1. "Revolution" by A.J. Broadbent [runtime: 8 min 20 sec]
2. "A Spaghetti Western" by Joe Blum [runtime: 12 min 30 sec]
3. "Bocce" by Greg Hess [runtime: 16 min 35 sec]
4. "Ready or Not" by Nathan Skreslet [runtime: 5 min 20 sec]
5. "Escalation" by Banana Productions [runtime: 4 min 57 sec]
6. "Fruitopia" by Tim Leaton [runtime: 8 min 20 sec]
7. "Bear Johnson: Alaskan Adult Film Star" by Navid Rojiani, AlexGrizzard, and Marat Biyashev [runtime: 6 min 53 sec]
8. "Ode to Mac" by Joseph Tran [runtime: 2 min 49 sec]
9. "Zero Sum" by Jeremiah Lewis [runtime: 18 min 27 sec]
10. "Horse Feathers" by Kacy McAllister [runtime: 4 min 59 sec]
11. "Burned Mind" by Terry Wedin [runtime: 8 min 50 sec]
12. "Bandit" by Max Van Tassell [runtime: 5 min 56 sec]
13. "Love Crusher" by Joe Kelley [runtime: 3 min 34 sec]

1:10pm Lunch Intermission

1:55pm Second wave of films start [total runtime not including eachintro: 2hr 04min]
14. "Stimuli" by Patrick Ian Beach [runtime: 16 min 58 sec]
15. "The 51st State" by Banana Productions [runtime: 15 min 09 sec]
16. "Pushing Past" by JD Medlock [runtime: 19 min 45 sec]
17. "Lights at the Airport" by Greg Hess [runtime: 4 min 59 sec]
18. "On Set with ThanksBrother Productions" by Michael Kennedy [runtime:8> >min 8 sec]
19. "A Short Film" by Tyler Smith [runtime: 4 min 30 sec]
20. "Vida" by Marco Shepherd [runtime: 4 min 27 sec]
21. "The Quickening" by Shea Sizemore [runtime: 20 min 49 sec]
22. "Lost in Transit" by Ashley Matthews [runtime: 10 min 07 sec]
23. "The NOVATRON Alliance" by Jessie Storey with Stu Ottenritter andEvan Gant [runtime: 20 min]

4:20pm Michelle Krusiec Q&A session

5:10pm Judges make final winners announcement
5:25pm Festival Ends
From all of us, The 2005 Progeny Motion Picture Festival Board"