Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Is life a miracle? take the Quiz & find out!

Is life a miracle?
Take the Quiz & Find Out!

Step one. Think of an Elephant.

Have you thought of an elephant, yet? Good.

Now: Un-think the Elephant.
Go ahead. It’s okay. It doesn’t hurt him.
As long as you are careful how you un-think him.

It's still hard to un-think him, isn't it?

Can you un-think the Elephant? No?
Is he cute? Is he a cute little Elephant, or a big one?
Does he have tusks? Or is “he” a girl?
Is the Elephant happy? Do you like him? Or her?

Now say goodbye, and un-think the elephant.
do it in a nice way, not a hateful way.

Repeat this quiz every time you think of, or see, an elephant.