Wednesday, April 20, 2005

The Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping in Blacksburg

I hear from a friend that the Reverend Billy is a must see. He will be in Blacksburg on Wednesday and Thursday.

"LET US PRAY. We ask the God-That-Is-Not-A-Product. We ask the Goddess-Who-Swims-In-The-Part-Of-The-Sky-Not- Yet-Slapped-With-Plastic-Logos -- is it possible that The End of the World has come and gone unnoticed? We are feeling strange. It is the Time of Dullness. Give us a sign. Amen." (from his website. )

I am told that the Reverend Billy does things like going into Starbucks and licking everything in the entire store as a protest.

Wednesday, April 20th - 8:00 PM - Squires Colonial
Thursday, April 21st - 9:00 PM Squires Old Dominion
Church of Stop-Shopping