Friday, April 29, 2005

interview with Dr. Win Wenger

hi folks

I am currently preparing for an interview with Dr. Win Wenger, founder of Project Renaissance and a pioneer in the fields of creativity and creative method, accelerated learning, brain and mind development, and political economy. Dr. Wenger has written 48 books, including Discovering the Obvious, Beyond Teaching and Learning, and How to Increase Your Intelligence.

Dr. Wenger also impresses me as someone who passionately cares about the future (and the present state) of humankind. From his website:

"Hear one another out. Draw each other out. And when it's your turn to be speaking, pay far more attention to what you are actually perceiving than to what you know. And don't repeat yourself much. The universe is infinite: by attending your own perceptions, you are infinite. And so also is that person you are drawing out. Even the least of us is a window on God, whatever your definition. "

A warm thank you to Dr. Wenger for his work, and for taking time to share his insights with Traces readers.