Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Exhibit Announcement--Mapping the Dearth

Mapping the Dearth of Things
An exhibit by Suzy Nees
At the Traces art space in Floyd, VA

Open studio on Friday April 22 from 5 to 8 pm.

This spring, there will be an exhibit of sculpture & works on paper by Suzy Nees centered around the concept and aesthetics of “Mu”, or “Lack Thereof”, with a focus on issues related to conservation of culture and resources.

This collection of work includes granite sculpture, comics, writings and story-fragments which ask: Is less always such a bad thing?

You never miss your water until your well runs dry…but what does it feel like when you run out of Lack? Lack of noise pollution, for example? Or lack of smog? How do you think you would feel if someone started broadcasting advertisements on the surface of the moon?

This exhibit features cartoons of dogs on trucks, but it also takes a highly skeptical look at the current Yardstick of Progress as we know it. It also introduces new concepts in environmental commerce that promise to really turn things around in the future, like Carbon Credits. For all ages. On display until June.

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