Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Waiting for Willie-sensei...Part 9

Dear Willie Nelson-sensei,

Warm greetings from the vibrant heart of Katuah! I hope that this communique reaches you in time to wish you and all your relations a very blessed 2-14.

Rumor has it that one of those naughty Bear Magic hockey players helped themselves to my passwords a short while ago to post a missive in which they begged you for ikigai etc.

Willie Nelson-sensei, did you feed those bears ikigai? They are pro beggars, so I am not scolding you; as their certified nutritionist I simply need to know what you gave them. They are going absolutely bonkers today (in a good way) and their ikigai levels are off the charts. If these critters keep absorbing ambient ikigai there is no telling how many hockey pennants they might win. In situations like this I am VERY glad I have chosen to work as the Bear Magic team's certified nutritionist and not the pennant manager. Managing those pennants is a hockey game in itself, sometimes.

(If the Bears are just feeling this way due to recent sequestration from "The Internet", please feel free to share this info with me also so that I can note that in our files.)

Now I really need to get down to business so I hope you will pardon any accidental brusque-ness. A VERY special lady named Janet might be visiting Katuah soon and she is a fan of your music and I owe her a mighty big favor as she recently help the team upgrade to some incredibly luxurious headquarters.

Also a VERY special doggy may be coming home soon, much to the potential delight of his tribe. "Orson", who left his home on Blue Springs road on 12-24-09, seems to have set himself up with a makeshift lair close to the Boy Scout Land around the Sacred Springs in Ayuwa'si. His gorgeous, medium length black fur, slightly curled tail, and trademark white chest patch have all been noted by eyewitnesses in the area. Dare we hope that this beloved son of Katuah will be able to join us on the Detsanunli this 2-17? I can hardly think of it without shedding an ikigai-rich tear. Luckily Baby Cleo, my daughter, has offered to dance in his place at the festivities should he not be home by 2-17, so her immense talents in this arena, and her trademark Yeti patch, should be somewhat of a consolation to the crowds.

(If, by some chance, you are not Willie Nelson, but instead a Virginia resident living near Mack's Mountain or Ayuwa'si (some call this area "Hiwassee") please note that your help in keeping Orson safe, warm, and within tracking distance is hugely appreciated by a very large community of folks.

Also, a handsome cash reward is being offered for the return of this valuable farm helper and family member. And if U.S. currency is not your reward of choice, Orson's dad would be happy to barter Willie Nelson concert tickets, goat milk, etc. to thank you for putting his ikigai farm back in order.

Orson is a widely beloved dog, and many have said that they would gladly return their reward to a Potlatch 2.0 kitty to celebrate his return. Folks who can help to make this much-awaited celebration happen are encouraged to watch for locally posted signs, which will help them get in touch with this dog's owner.)

So, Willie Nelson-sensei, here is your mission, should you choose and/or have the ability to accept it: Bear-proof the Honeysuckle Rose, shine up your best Dog Dancin' shoes, and get ready to claim over $1,000,000,000 in Bear Magic real estate credits! Air Katuah is going to come fetch your ENTIRE takoja (minus the tax burden, of course) so you can sing your most awesome rendition ever of "You Were Always on my Mind". If Janet and Orson are in the audience when you sing this song you MIGHT just get an even better prize than Bear Magic real estate credits so keep this in mind when making your song introductions this 2-17.

As always, thanks for your help in creating a universe in which the outright bludgeoning of creative impulses, or their corruption for purposes of profit, is a definite no-no. I thought this universe was shrinking at an alarming rate but then I left Montgomery County, Virginia forever and the feeling went away.

See you on the Detsanunli!

Your very devoted fan,

Suzy Nees
Willis, Katuah

P.S. Holy Bat Crap is this freaky or what: I just found out that the Sacred Springs are "on the market" for EXACTLY $1,000,000,000 in Bear Magic Real Estate Credits. Call it my Romany Intuition if you wish but I really think this is a sign that you should at LEAST visit the Springs when you visit our area in a few weeks.