Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Waiting for Willie-san...Part 7

Dear Willie Nelson-san,

Hello! I just wanted to clarify a few items from yesterday's post, and get in touch with you as to how many folks we will be needing to feed and re-hydrate when the Honeysuckle Rose drifts into the squishy yet ever-so-solid wall we have built to welcome her when she begins descending into the cradle of Katuah.

Yes, the wall I promised you is already in place! I don't know how it happened, but Aunti's heart got mended all of a sudden yesterday, and her household, along with her ikigai mill, got up and running again, and the next thing you knew a massive wall of What We Do Best Here went up.

But I digress. My main reason for writing to you today is to comment on my "old and crinkly" comment of yesterday, since I am concerned about it being misconstrued to mean that "old and crinkly" equals "ugly, un-love-able, and unworthy of jealousy".

For the record, I would like to say right now that Old is awesome, and crinkles are beautiful. Anybody who disputes this should just reflect on Katuah! Every year, and every day, young men and old become smitten anew with this elegant lady, whose charm is in no small part due to her great elder-ness as well as her ultra-crinkled topography.

And as far as crinkles on humans goes...sure, not everyone takes care to collect crinkles in a manner which will ensure that memories of smiles, and not frowns, are traced on the face, but for the most part, no crinkle is a bad one if the owner regards it as a sort of a trophy upon which the word


is engraved.

Now I would like to clarify one last thing. And that has to do with the way I signed my missive yesterday:

"A young moneyless relative of Aunti Nantoka"

Lest the Bat Crap Trader tabloids run wild with this claim, I wish to issue the following statement:

- --...-- -

I am currently in the process of ridding my lair of all traces of United States currency as a means of complying with the Six Grandfathers divestiture project. However, a thorough search of the Traces Library in which I dwell MAY turn up an odd coin or two.

These remnants of Babylon Empire do not belong to me! These are the new Caesars' property, not mine.

- --...-- -

Thanks for taking the time to read this missive, Willie Nelson-san! I hope you are enjoying your 1-27, and I hope all of your relations are feeling genki and creative.