Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fast facts on four heavy metals


Arsenic facts

- Headaches and lightheadedness can be symptoms of arsenic toxicity.
- One to three cloves of garlic per day may help move arsenic out of the body.


Mercury facts

- Sensory impairment and a sense of disturbance may occur as a result of mercury toxicity.
- A medical preservative called Thiomersal has drawn scrutiny from many for its mercury content.


Cadmium facts

- Flu-like symptoms may be a symptom of cadmium toxicity.
- On average, folks who do not smoke cigarettes will have 4-5 times less cadmium in their blood than smokers.


Lead facts

- Cognitive abilities can be reduced as a result of lead toxicity.
- Vitamin C has offered promise in past lead poisoning treatment regimes.