Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Waiting for Willie-san...Part 3

Dear Willie Nelson-san,

Happy 12-3-08. I have wonderful news for you in a rainbow of delicious flavors.

The first wonderful piece of news is that our great friend and living cultural treasure Mitsunori Koike-sensei is okay, and will be returning to his lair in Hara Village shortly. So, please do not feel obliged to check in on him via the Harmony Arts Foundation or the Hannoki Studio. I spoke with a Hannoki Studio associate at around 11 pm Katuah time last night, and learned the above from a reliable source.

The second wonderful piece of news has to do with your upcoming performances in Katuah: Your stages are getting warmer by the day, as folks in Katuah continue to do battle with the culture-hating demons known to haunt the borders of this realm. Last night, for example, I had the honor of meeting Pastor Jay & Associates, who will share their skills in acting and stagecraft with the public tomorrow and Thursday in a theatrical piece whose content is extremely well suited to folks who are suffering from the effects of the lending industry apocalypse.

Other upcoming events likely to set a festive mood for your performances in Katuah this spring include a December 6 performance by the Alliens in Floyd, a show I would love to see myself had I not already pledged to help with a Snaque Shaque event to honor Pastor Jay & Associates on that same date.

This mention of the Snaque Shaque brings me to a third wonderful piece of news: Among Snaque Shaque patrons and associates, there were no known casualties yesterday as a result of terrorist acts, making our safety record a perfect one yet again. And although I cannot provide you with scientific data to support this claim, I hope that you will accept it as legitimate enough proof that the Snaque Shaque's policies of proactive failure to senselessly beat up on culture are working as a powerful anti-terror weapon.

Since I need to go assist an area resident with her food security chores, I must close now but I promise to be in touch again soon the moment I obtain more news which is relevant to your upcoming visit to this realm.

Yours very sincerely,

Suzy Nees
Brush Mountain