Sunday, January 25, 2009

Waiting for Willie-san...Part 6

Dear Willie Nelson-san,

Nantoka O-ba-chan* has an utterly broken heart this morning. Can you please, please fix it?
Rumor has it that stories of a 14-year-old Gazan heart attack victim left her devoid of all ikigai.

The good news about Nantoka the Elder and her ikigai profile is that if you should decide to help her out this morning by writing the ultimate Country and Western Anti-Holocaust Song, you will probably fix many, many more hearts than just one.

Aunti N. has a heart whose shape and size is rather typical of persons from Katuah. Writing her a song this morning, or perhaps later this afternoon, just might inject enough ikigai into this realm to ensure that by the time the Honeysuckle Rose crosses into Katuah this spring, she will run smack into a solid wall of What We Do Best Here.

Obviously, I do not possess the resources or strength to make good on this promise all by myself, but I have great faith in your ability to make music which will kick-start the great ikigai machine that is our Aunti Nantoka's household by putting a smile on the dear old lady's face. And once our Aunti's house is running like a top, it is all but impossible for it to churn out What We Do Best in inconceivable quantities.

Perhaps you are worried that the media will begin to speculate as to your romantic connections to Aunti N if you should write her a song. Now, if I were the most powerful artist in TX I would be utterly un-worried about crap like that. But the sad reality is that stupid rumors like those can really hurt, and cause mistrust, when they reach the ears of the artist's Valentine. So, if you like, I will tell your Valentine myself about how old and crinkly Aunti Nantoka is, so that your 2-14 date this year will not be spoiled by any ill-founded jealousy.

In any case, thank you very much for your time and consideration. And thank you for your work towards peace on our planet. May the Creator bless you and your dear ones abundantly.

Very sincerely yours,

Suzy "Nantoka Nei-chan" Nees
(A young moneyless relative of Nantoka the Elder)


O-ba-chan = "Aunt"