Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Waiting for Dr. Willie...Part 8

Dear Willie Nelson-sensei,

We are back for medicine. Please, please, please, Nelson-sensei, make our Aunti feel better. If you have a bit of medicine left for us after you have worked on her, that is great since the Heartbreak Plague seems to be spreading, but if not we are cool, don’t worry about us. We will get by. Our Aunti is the most important thing in the picture right now.

We would not beg if we did not have to, but our Nation is in great danger so please, have your People call our People to get you and your healing team on the next Air Katuah flight to Ayuwa’si. Our Aunti might be dying of a broken heart, and none of the markets here sell the medicine that can keep her among the living.

Please, Nelson-sensei, come sing our Aunti the beautiful song you wrote for her just a bit ago to un-break her heart. In exchange for this medicine, our tribe will give you whatever you want when you get here: Furs, firepower, you name it! Nothing we own is too dear to be spared for our Aunti’s existential ransom. Not even our lairs!

(Our lairs are somewhat snazzy, I might add, thanks to some mighty smart investments made by the Bear Magic Hockey Team Bank.)

(I should also add that the “furs” will still be wrapped snugly around their living owners, making them EXTRA valuable, and that our fire gift to you will derive its power not from violence, but from its origins in the gentle, ancient, un-subdued heart of Ayuwa’si.)

If return travel is a concern to you, please be advised that we have obtained authorization to keep our private jet at your disposal should you need it for any reason, whether it is to return to The Land That is Not Katuah once you are done healing Aunti, or to jet back and forth between our realm and yours or to build enthusiasm for your healing projects. We offer the use of this gadget to you freely, as we know that your powers as a doctor justify the enormous impact this sort of craft has on Mother Earth.

(Our jet has become a mostly terrestrial creature these days, but don’t picture a cobweb-draped scenario when you imagine its appearance. Though it is usually grounded, Air Bear Magic is hardly un-used, as we find it a wonderful gathering place in which to lounge, sip drinks, and discuss new Hockey Etc. strategies.)

Willie Nelson-sensei, someone has probably warned you at some point in your life to not feed any bears which make themselves apparent to you, and although we endorse that advice for the most part, we offer the following amendment:

“Please do not feed the bears anything but ikigai, and bear-compatible Snaque Shaque products, which you should offer freely when loss of habitat etc. seems to have pushed the poor critters to the brink of starvation, existential or otherwise.”

Willie Nelson-sensei, like many folks these days, we Bears are in serious need of some ikigai. (We don’t mind Snaques, either, though we are very fortunate in that we have an official team nutritionist who sees to it that we never need to beg for food, which is why we appear so radiantly healthy and fat-un-deprived.)

Nelson-sensei, thank you very much for considering our request, and thank you for taking the time to read this missive. I hope that you and your dear ones are feeling well-fed, un-persecuted, and vastly creative. May the Creator bless you and all your relations abundantly.

Much love,

The Bear Magic Hockey Team
Ayuwa’si, Katuah