Tuesday, November 06, 2007

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hi everyone

she is really small in this image, but isn't she beautiful?
this is a half-albino deer that jumped out in the road in front of us yesterday. luckily she let us get this picture before she sprang into the woods.

yesterday morning I had the chance to view the website of some Shouseki competitors, which got pretty hyper and distressed. seeing this amazing sight yesterday did me a lot of good.

folks who have seen, and become depressed by, the website in question should know that a few projects are in the works to help level the playing field for certain hypothetical endangered species who are looking to escape a fate far worse than death: death by poop.

if a person from the Eats With Teeth Like Knives clan would like to settle down in sacred areas of the Shouseki settlement they are welcome to. just don't insult the spirits of this land by attempting to get out of your car. your presence alone will make the springs angry and bitter. to say nothing of the wrath of the Shouseki Baptists and the tax inflation haters.

Persons who are interested in making an exit from the Eats With Teeth Like Knives clan so that they can enjoy the fun amenities that are available to those folks who ramble freely in Shouseki lands without fear of angry springs and water quality enthusiasts should contact a Shouseki land use officer ASAP. These folks identify themselves with flags, stickers, etc. affirming the Joy of Critter Saving and Food Security.

On days when the Shouseki embargo requires them to sacrifice full access to coffee, these land use officers may sometimes put a finer point on the slogans etc. they use to articulate their strong disapproval of the policies and practices of the E.W.T.L.K. tribe. "Infiltrators go home" and "Eat the Rich" are just a few of the whimsical and high-spirited mottoes you may see if you drive by the home or vehicle of a Shouseki person who happens to have had nothing for breakfast that day but a bellyful of Babylon.

On days like that you daresn't, as my Nanny used to say, stop your car to ask one of these community members if their land is for sale too, lest you wind up wishing you had stayed in bed all day catching up on your Bible reading. You might as well ask a Shouseki person if her daughter is for sale.

Ja ne, have a beautiful day, thanks for reading. - Suzy