Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy 11-01-07

hi everyone

hope you are well...our Halloween was the happiest possible, except for a few moments when the Water Quality Monster got wroth upon news of some scary real estate deals in the works but aside from that it was a wonderful evening.

below is a clip from the Roanoke times that has to do with the manner in which the 4th amendment is enforced in these parts...although it is important that readers know about goings-on like this in the Shouseki settlement area I hope that viewing reports of police harassment and water rights violations in this area will not deter prospective Tengoku-Mura settlers from moving to, or staying in, this beautiful and sacred region.

I realize that some Shouseki persons might be looking at our area from the outside and thinking, "wow, that area looks crappy, and polluted." it is true, the Great Whore has left quite a sizable footprint here, but that is no reason for folks to give up on caring for Katuah, or for the ideals this word embodies.

since the Water Quality Monster is not quite ready to get down off her Dr. Bronner's box, here are a few thoughts on this matter: if there has ever been a better time for a Shouseki person to invest in an alternative to the Mad Max/Tank Girl future we are driving ourselves toward with our land use policies, it is today. and of all the places where your investment could make a difference, Katuah is probably (in the humble opinion of current Tengoku-Mura residents) the #1 place to live, providing that you live in a manner which enables you to stay in close touch with your neighbors and water care colleagues.

a wide range of non-blighted lands are still accessible in Shouseki housing developments, and prices of Tengoku-Mura housing units are extremely competitive when compared to the cost of feeding your family when you don't have access to farmland, and the economy, starved of resources, goes splat, and the price of milk begins to double each day (see Kenya).

are you scared yet? good. you should be, especially if you have a little kid.

desertification is serious sh*t. so is water-borne disease. and famine. and genocide. think it can't happen to you? do the Haber-Bosch math.

Water Quality Monster says this: OOOGA BOOGA! be scared. but be smart. don't perish in filth. wise up about dirty water! the life, and the ikigai, you save could be your own.

Water Quality Monster also says this: if you have been, in a previous life, a profiteer from bad water quality policies, don't hesitate to inquire about your eligibility to gain full amnesty from future wet noodle lashings at the Shouseki Pirate Nouveau lair. and if you are even close to being innocent of all wrongdoing concerning the protection of the global water supply, THANK YOU and NAMASTE and GOKUROSAMA, will you please come live here with us in the Shouseki settlement?

I think you will love it here. lots of folks have already made the big switch from being the victim of tax vampirism etc. to being a carefree resident of a Tengoku-Mura closed community. in addition to a variety of wonderful menu options, fun activities, and educational opportunities, Tengoku-Mura residents have the pleasure of collaborating in the creation of a future in which Hell hath closed up her throat just a bit, then a bit more, and a bit more until it finally became possible for hearers etc. to pay attention to something other than the screams of her victims.


- - - - 11-01-07 - Roanoke Times - -- -


As the well-mannered motorist answered questions in a "rambling, cooperative and forthcoming" way, the suspicious ranger became even more so -- especially after learning that Moore had been to FloydFest.

So he asked if he could search the truck.

"By all means, go ahead, brother," Moore replied.

Gagnon searched the cab and rummaged through luggage in the bed of the truck, looking for guns, drugs or alcohol. All he found was some medication that belonged to Moore's passenger.

He patted the passenger down, found nothing incriminating and turned his attention back to Moore.

"Lacking any objective basis for suspicion," Gagnon then frisked Moore and found a pipe with a small amount of marijuana in his pocket, the opinion stated. Although prosecutors argued that Moore consented to the search, Urbanski ruled that the ranger had no legal reason to detain him.

Even some members of the local law enforcement community are irked at the way park rangers have acted, according to Jonathan Rogers, a Floyd County lawyer who represents two people charged in the crackdown.

Especially troubling, Rogers said, is that someone can arouse an officer's suspicion just for being "way too nice" or "extremely polite."

"You can't be polite without being suspicious," he said. "Please. It's outrageous."