Tuesday, October 30, 2007

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hi everyone

man the Alliens are getting whomped by the Coal Kitty in the Battle of the Bands, with an unbelievable 100% of the "who rocks most?" votes going to Coal Kitty. Coal Kitty is going to be so happy once he learns of this when he returns home from the mercury detoxification spa.

I hope you are out there getting the Prank Season wheel trued up and in good shape for some momentous pranks which help to combat high levels of ambient mercury, estrogen, fecal coliform bacteria, etc. in the water supply.

news of the official opening of Prank Season arrived early today from Ayuwa'si settlement council persons, who decided yesterday that enough bad luck had been swept out into oblivion to warrant a kickoff ceremony and Thanksgiving 2.0 celebration in the commercial hub of the settlement.

an ikigai feast will begin in the Shouseki situs at 5 pm tomorrow, and will continue until the Shouseki Nation's enormous thirst for ikigai-friendly infrastructure is slaked.

numerous tables are available, and costume contest prizes are being offered.

in other news, an art exhibit featuring oil paintings by H. Wenger will begin in the Shouseki Situs on November 4 and will continue until the 18th of November. Mr. Wenger is an artist, musician, and farmer who makes his home in Pilot, VA.

for more information on H. Wenger, please visit traceslibrary.net.

to learn more about the Shouseki Situs, please follow this link.

I just added some new reading selections to the Hill Cane arts pages...these include info on treaties, myths, etc. that relate to the settlement of the New River Valley region. I hope you find these bits of information as enlightening as I did.

bye, have a wonderful day, thanks for reading. -Suzy