Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Costume ideas from the Nantoka Mansion

Hi everyone
Hope you are well and having the happiest possible Halloween.

If you are scrambling about for the perfect thing to wear to the big gala tonight in the Shouseki Situs don’t worry, I have the perfect costume idea for you. It offers great promise to both ladies and gentlemen looking to make a great impression this Halloween without wasting a whole lot of cash and time.

To make it even better, this costume only requires 2 store bought items, unless you already happen to have a stick of sumi ink (available in the Shouseki Situs) and a compound bow release (available in the virtual Shouseki Situs). Dark clothing, bandanas, tabi shoes, etc. are useful but not essential. You can wear almost anything at all to accompany this outfit.

Perhaps the best part about the “Ninja calligrapher” outfit is the fact that you can give it to a good cause afterward. If you are going to be at the big gala tonight in the Situs, bring your unneeded costume items to the headmen when you are ready to quit partying. These are actually extremely useful items which contribute greatly to the wealth of the tribe, and as long as you say a few respectful words to them the headmen are likely to receive your gift most gracefully.

“I know that a great many of your young ones are facing the prospect of continued enrollment in the public school system,” you might say to the headmen, “and for this reason, I would like to provide your tribe with these tools, as a token of my esteem and respect for the Shouseki people, in the hopes that you and your People may someday be free of this horrible plague.”

Young single men who will be entrusting their donation to the illustrious Mr. J.G. Shouseki, presumptive father of the talented young Ninja calligraphy educators Shouseki Sumiko and Shouseki Yumiko, might want to consider making this proud presumptive dad a marriage offer for the hand of one of his daughters. No reasonable suitor is turned away, and Sumi and Yumi will be happy to consider the marriage proposal of any young fellow who offers them a little something to help keep the school running. A basket of premium firewood, for example. Or a fresh new hydrological sciences book.

Since they can be traded for food security supplies for the school, diamond-laden bracelets, earrings, necklaces, etc. can also be submitted to these daughters as a marriage proposal gift. Be mindful, though, of the fact that if you try to win the heart of other Shouseki ladies in this way, you might just get cold contempt for all your labor, since well trained Shouseki daughters have learned that diamonds are in fact the devil’s best friend, and not theirs.

Land claim deeds, on the other hand, make a a great gift choice for young suitors hoping to capture the heart of a Shouseki woman - especially if her name is Sumi or Yumi. And if you don't have a land claim, just make one up, and offer your dear one a novelty deed that you have made by yourself using just love and cardboard and sumi ink crayons. (Isn't bank-free financing beautiful?)

Ja ne, thanks for reading, Happy Halloween!

- Suzy