Sunday, November 04, 2007

important Tengoku-Mura bulletin

hi everyone
hope you are well

if you are a co-investor in the Tengoku-Mura project, or a prospective resident, please inform yourself ASAP about proposed changes in ownership to the Situs. I just learned a number of parcels within the Situs region are being offered for sale, making it critical that any and all Tengoku-Mura project participants take steps to leverage existing resources to assist with the land transfer negotiation we envision as a means of protecting the lands and waters surrounding the current Shouseki Situs.

it is important for readers to know that the sale of these lands would dramatically impact many people from many walks of life. if you are curious to know how upcoming land deals in L'il Mont, VA could affect your standards of living, please stay tuned to I will disseminate info there as time permits.

until then all Shouseki persons are kindly asked to spend time praying for peace, wisdom, friendship and satisfactory treaties in this and other land use conflict zones.

bye, have a beautiful day, thanks for reading. -Suzy