Monday, November 05, 2007


hi everyone
hope you are well

there has been a bit of progress on the Situs land transfer negotiations. a collective of investors and residential caretakers has made a purchase inquiry. anyone with any interest at all in keeping residential growth in Montgomery County, VA at safe and emotionally healthy levels should definitely stay tuned or get in contact with a Shouseki representative.

the Shouseki team is working to:

- Leverage available resources so that the end sale price of land parcels in the Situs area do not negatively impact the quality of life of Situs neighbors.

- Inform government officials and members of the public about the many dimensions involved in sensible land use planning.

- Research treaties, geology, and and historical information which has a bearing on the legality of the deed that is currently being used to deny Shouseki Situs access to members of the public.

- Document property sale techniques to ensure compliance with fair housing laws and "highest and best" land usage.

- Provide environmental reports to businesses and organizations on the caution they should exercise in providing certain services, such as well drilling, to persons who have made a land claim above an uncharted cavern system.

- Etc.

if you can help with any of these land care chores PLEASE get to work. our ikigai farm has overcome some pretty serious odds but the struggle continues.

if you have any ability at all to mitigate the potential wrath of the Blue Springs by showing concern and care for them please do so. one need look no further than the Travianna Farm to see what enormous risks await those who fail to recognize the scary manifestations that a spring can take on when it is angered.

Ja ne, have a beautiful day, thanks for reading. -Suzy

ps. Howard Wenger just hung a farm art show at Gillies, this will begin today and run until the 17th or 18th. on Tuesday, November 18, a reception for this exhibit will begin at 8 pm. this will coincide with the old-time jam.

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