Friday, January 13, 2006


hi everyone

hope you are having a nice day
it is much harder to find information on Sago now

here is one thing I found...

some of you with sharp eyes or ears may have noticed a page date or two incorrect in recent loop updates

thanks for spotting that

I have a lot of computer work to do today, a page re-design is taking up a lot of my time
it is interesting work though.


should mirror each other.

Now I need to go work on that, thanks for reading the loop.
have a great day


loop news for Friday - via yahoo headlines - plans for a military flyover are distasteful to many MLK march organizers, according to this AP article. a clip:

The commission voted to add the flyover at a November meeting, and peace activists say an attempt to rescind it failed at a meeting this week. Some said they would stay home this year or wear yellow ribbons during the march Monday as a show of protest.

"If you're going to honor Dr. King, you have to honor the nonviolent point. It's fundamental," said Tommy Calvert Jr., who attended the meeting. more...



do you speak
the answers
might surprise you.


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