Monday, January 09, 2006

good morning

hi folks

it is a lovely day today
hope you all are well

guess what I may be helping to organize a goat beauty pageant which will happen this spring
I hope I hope I hope I hope!

this is in conjunction with a land art workshop that will be happening in May.
the goats will not only be judged on beauty, they will be judged on talent as well

I had a great weekend, I carved some quartz and some granite. also got some yardwork done and I learned some more about the compound bow.

readers of the old traces stone sculpture website have been promised some updates for a long time, and I am working on them.

I really, really appreciate your patience
here is an update on that:

- I am gutting the old traces stone sculpture website
- new or recycled content will appear in and related sites
- content will be as trans-lingual as I can make it, so expect to see things greatly simplified
- my eventual goal is to get a wiki up which will make it easy for visitors to feed the site new information in their own language

Cleo appears to be losing her eyesight. She has hidden it extremely well so far, and is almost always cheerful.

anyway we need to go for a ramble now, please have a great day.

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