Wednesday, December 28, 2005


hi folks

happy wednesday, or thursday
I have been cleaning house the whole week and finding some great stuff I forgot I had, like this patch

I got this at a flea market in Middletown PA, where the Big M used to be way, way back in the day

let me see, what else is new

oh I really really owe Chris & Bernie an introduction, also George, they are my new neighbors at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd

Chris & Bernie teach music & George sells shirts that say biodiesel

the housecleaning bug has not given me much time for keeping the loop updated but I hope to take care of that soon

so is it just me, or have the top articles in technorati been the same pretty much all week?

I am curious to know why, especially with the recent NSA cookies announcement

adsense scraper is a hot search term in technorati right now, I am trying to find out more about how folks are defining it

speaking of scraping, I noticed that massey + coal and massey + energy both pulled up some very unflattering results in the top page of google today...I must admit I was a bit surprised to see this as the fourth google return for massey + energy:


Massey energy's Bad Neighbor Attitude
Massey Energy's "Bad Neighbor Attitude". Click Here for UMWA Press Releases Relating to Massey Energy. The following parodies are for all the miners who - 9k - Cached -


to whoever forgot to tell the tech people at massey about metatags, and search engine optimization - thanks!

not to sound spiteful or anything, but the Massey business model is downright grotesque, if you ask me.

sloppy web workmanship is just one little bite of their just desserts. ditto selective reporting.

hey dog lovers are you all ready for the tremendous event?
(new year's of course, 2006 is the year of the dog.)

Cleo was a downright brat over the holidays, very grumpy with her cousins, and that is putting it mildly. I had to watch her constantly. she is more like a little bulldog than I had ever imagined.

but she was good when she got her toenails cut and she made peace with her Mop (grandmommy) and she made some very good progress today with learning NOT to bite the tires of moving cars.

good puppy.

well I must be going now but I hope you all are well. as always thanks for reading.


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