Wednesday, November 30, 2005

art & ecology news for nov. 30

hi folks

hope you are having a nice day
things here are fine

I had a great day yesterday, met a lot of new folks up in Floyd & made some good progress setting up the sustainable living exhibit with Wayne. so far we have some very nice paintings, photos, and sculpture along with some books & posters. I hope to add a coloring activity and/or a ranger station style hands-on display if time permits.

anyway the show will be open during Winterfest at the Jacksonville Center this weekend, so please stop by if you are in the area. For more information on this exhibit, or to learn about the Sustainable Living Education Center please consult the loop.

so biodiesel is currently the sixth most popular search term in technorati which is really great I think
here is an interesting photo related to this tag

I heard that there is some kind of biodiesel awareness event going on at Virginia Tech tomorrow but I don't know many details about it. The info came from a listserv for one of the environmental groups on campus. anyway I think it will be in Squires.

so I met my new neighbor Bernie at the Jacksonville Center yesterday...Bernie will be teaching music in his space. The NRV Current is doing a feature Bernie although I am not sure when the article will be out.

Other Jacksonville Center news: there is a new glass shop where Presidio Arts used to be. This will be open at winterfest too. Charlie (Presidio Arts) has moved into a space on rt. 8 where he is selling retro furniture, art, etc. I have yet to visit it but plan to soon. Good luck in your new space Charlie!

the Scratch House folks just opened a cafepress shop and it is CUTE, take a look if you have time

bye, have a great day


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