Tuesday, November 22, 2005

snow tonight?

hi folks
this is some work by Martha, who teaches at the Jacksonville Center in Floyd.
Martha's site can be reached via the Scratch House News site.

well they say we may get a good amount of snow tonight.
I am getting eager to see the first real snow.

some interesting new content on the loop today - technorati mini is now available -
also information on a symposium related to search engine science

this will be happening at Yale in early December

if possible I am going to go to it

my sister Beth took this picture at the Brown Farm a while ago

in the ideapark.org image bin there are some pictures of the straw bale building that now exists on the Jacksonville Center site. it isn't completely finished, but I think it is already a very beautiful structure.

Pictures of straw bale workday can be found on the loop, which is still a little choppy as I have been performing some link pressure experiments.

let me see. I don't have too much free time right now so this must be quick - for the traces sculpture archives, I am trying to gather information about the bow - compound, longbow, otherwise - and to examine interplay between the bow and the transit, etc.

I am also curious to know instances in which a bow has been used as a landscape knitting tool, to prevent erosion and so forth, or for surveying.

well the cat is playing with the computer wires, I gotta go

have a great day.



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ideapark.org news for tuesday, november 22, 2005


via slashdot

Dotnaught writes "New Scientist has spotted a patent application from TiVo that suggests the company is "working on a PVR that will recognise one of several individual users, and respond to their personal preferences." The patent application describes the invention as "a multimedia mobile personalization system provides a remote control that detects a user's electronic tag, e.g. an RFID tag." It also promises personalized viewing at a variety of locations, detailing how TiVo might forward stored shows from home to a TV in a hotel room, for example. It remains to be seen whether hotels will be eager to help TiVo undermine their pay-per-view video revenue."



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search + engine

science events - 2005

Search-regulation conference at Yale Law School.

This will be the first academic conference devoted to search engines and the law. "Regulating Search?" will take place on December 3, 2005 at Yale Law School in New Haven, CT. more...


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