Wednesday, November 16, 2005


hi folks! hope you are all very well.

todays freshness award goes to Beth
do see her pictures if you have a moment

I am so happy to see all these blogs popping up

it was a frustrating morning, but I am over it
I think I need to spend some time pulling my bow
when I don't do that I get really grouchy

I own a compound bow and it is a fascinating tool
especially when you think of how it is related to the transit
if you are interesting in owning a bow go to whitetail in riner

sighting the bow also helps me a lot with my drawing and it generally calms me down.
the physics don't just amaze me. they make me feel a little liquified.
pulling a bow trigger is something else is all I can say

hopefully I will have some time this weekend to do some sketches of bows and do a little research on the history and origins of the bow
China in particular has a very rich history related to the bow

I spoke with some students at Tech yesterday, it seemed to be a bright group
they had interesting questions

also the jurying process for the IDEC show is wrapping up now, it has been very fun to be involved with that, some very nice work there. I forget where the exhibit will be but if I don't forget I will post it to the loop as soon as I can

other new & upcoming content in the loop includes

Evil Santa
Heaven & Earth
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some interesting stuff on slashdot in the past few is coming out with some kind of search tool that will help little web space owners get visitors where they want to go

as opposed to jamming web visitors into little mazes marked with arrows that say THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO GO

hey is anyone interested in helping to put up a straw bale house? It sounds like it is going to be a really interesting and fun event. I think there may be pizza for volunteers. Leon et. al will be putting up the straw bale studio.

if you would like to join us there please let Wayne know so he knows how many refreshments we should prepare

Wayne can be reached at the Jacksonville Center (540) 745-2784

Joe Kelley will be having an exhibit in Wytheville soon...his bird blocks will be on display

Cleo says hello.

ok well I think I need to go now, it's getting late

take care, stay warm.


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