Thursday, November 10, 2005

howdy howdy

hi folks, hope you have all been well

well I am pretty sick of looking at that old mountaintop removal picture so here is something a little prettier
this is a view of Brush Mountain, former site of Hoge Mine, which was still operating during the Great Depression
The Hoge Mine memorial was dedicated recently, although I have yet to see it
A recent Christiansburg Messenger had an article about it

by the way the ugly MTR picture will be on display at the SLEC show coming up this december
not all the stuff will be ugly and awful like that picture, there will be some very handsome works of art too
I have seen some of the work submitted and there is some great stuff

if you are an artist or a conservation enthusiast and you do not yet know about this show there is information about it on the loop

there is still time to include something if you would like

The Scratch House folks have been posting some very fun stuff recently
their blog is always a treat, and I always seem to find something new every time I visit
now they are writing about snakes, and helping to dispel some of the myths about them

Well I am having some more trouble with Google
I can't seem to find a real live human to talk with, and I really need to
this is the second time this has happened in the past few months

if you have been considering setting up an adwords or adsense account I am not going to try to poison your mind against Google but be warned - it is all run by robots!

there is no such thing as a hotline you can call if you get into a jam

Some people at Google might say this is not the case, but in my experience it is very true
If you are a little guy you are nobody, they just pawn you off on the robots
not that I am bitter. I just believe in product transparency, so that's why I'm sharing.

let me see. what else. oh yes. there is an art sale going on now at Traces, with selected items marked down up to 60% and sometimes more

Jenny the Giant Mule is a steal at just $75

which reminds me, a wal-mart awareness event will be happening soon at the old BMS
for information call Homebody (also on the loop)

OK well I really must be going, hope you are all having a nice day, stay warm.