Monday, October 31, 2005

happy halloween etc.

hi folks

hope you are all having a really nice halloween
it is a beautiful day here today

I have been spending a lot of time working on the ridge, cutting back dead things and so forth. the weather has been so nice it seems silly to spend time on the computer...

so, I have been having some interesting results in experiments creating a painting medium from pokeberries...the color is sort of close to it dries it creates very interesting effects. applying this pigment to weathered locust makes it look a bit like cedar wood, but with a much higher color saturation.

saturday was very busy, but it was a happy kind of rescue day was fantastic. lots of people came to show their support. and 16 dogs and cats found homes. YAY!!!!!!!

also I just spoke with Chris at the Jacksonville Center and it sounds like their Halloween event was a great success. The drama show sounds like it was very cool. I can't remember if it was a falcon or a hawk that Lee had, but I wish I could have seen it.

let me see. what else. oh yes any of you who are curious to hear some firsthand accounts of search engine optimization gymnastics might enjoy the Dogs on Trucks dot net blog.

there is also some new content in there related to Google Adsense, and how Google decides what ads to deliver to whom, and how it trains its little robots to predict what we want to know about.

OK I must be going. take care & have a wonderful day.


tags: Jacksonville Center, Jacksonville School, art, natural dye, natural pigment, artificial intelligence, adsense