Monday, October 17, 2005

hi folks

here is a picture of some chickens in a truck

little Tia Shan (Peaceful Mountain) was just born at the DC Zoo

well my Happy Heeler is not so happy today. she is going to the doctor later this morning. I really hope she starts feeling better soon.

a few articles of note from the past few is from slashdot, I believe...the article puts forth the idea that we are in an information glut, and that attention is the true commodity these days.

I believe this is very true. I also believe that people feel as though getting on the Internet is like being in a rat maze, or getting inside a pinball machine which was solely created to drain them of attention.

< loop AGREE "The Internet is Evil" DISAGREE loop >

the other item of note was an excerpt from Cory Doctorow's Themepunks. I posted part of it below.

oh yes! I started mixing sumi ink with the oil paint. it is very interesting. painting with the sumi ink is the closest thing I have found to casting actual shadows on a piece of paper.

the picture above is in sumi ink

bye, have a great day, thanks for reading