Wednesday, October 12, 2005

tech, art, & pet welfare news for october 12. lightly aggregated

Letters to Nantoka

Dear Nantoka, I hear that you are learning how to play Clickstorage Hockey.
Would you care to have a Skate Mate?

Sincerely, An Actual Hockey Player.

Dear Actual Hockey Player, sorry, I am too busy fainting right now to answer your question.


hi folks,
well my little assistant is snoring away here. I think she finds this place much more relaxing than the dog pound. the people there are very very nice. they are very very nice people doing a job that would just break me into a thousand little pieces. but when the dogs bark at the pound, even the cleanest, most well-kept on dogpound on Earth, the noise is deafening. it is very frightenening to the dogs.

anyway shown above are some before & after pictures.

she reminds me so much of the kind of dog a gnome would have. she acts exactly the part. Cleo is probably a mutt, most people have told me, but she is probably mostly Blue Heeler.


I have been experimenting lately with Google Adwords lately...those of you who are here to study search engine science, feel free to print a piece of Dogs on Trucks letterhead and grab a pencil.

now write CULTURE PORTAL in the top left hand corner

and put some content somewhere within the Dogs on Trucks template area.

please feel welcome to submit these materials for consideration if you are interested in participating in the 2005 winter exhibit.

other coloring activities will be available online soon.


dear Nantoka,

Crap Crap Crap Crap Crap!
My report on global warming is due in five minutes!
Please help me immediately!

sincerely, Henrietta in Dogs on Trucks, Kentucky.


sculpture project ideas

design a hypertext ad that will inform people about global warming

design a coloring activity that will tell kids about sea turtle populations

put a quesadilla in a blender and take photos of it
to show people what happens when soil gets over-aggregated

gently explain to a scientist why his or her scientific findings are getting buried in Google, even though they are highly relevant.

explain to Google (or another audience) why the whole carbon credit thing does or does not wash with you

take a picture of a mountain and rip it in half, then try to gently sew or stick it back together.

--- you love pets?
please consider participating in the 2005 Dogs on Trucks Web traffic drive you love pets?
please consider participating in the 2005 Dogs on Trucks Web traffic drive

blue heeler wa ikaga desu ka?
ee blue heeler no shashin
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God don't make Junk
and neither should we.
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