Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Bucky Fuller lecture in Asheville on August 18

Making the Invisible Visible: Bucky Fuller and Immersive Media Environments
Thursday, August 18, 8:00 pm
Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center
56 Broadway, Downtown Asheville

$5, Co-sponsor: BMCM+AC
Part of the Media Arts Project's Off the MAP series

R. Buckminster Fuller http://www.bfi.org, the visionary American design scientist, is perhaps best known for his development of the geodesic dome. However, this was only a small part of his comprehensive design approach that incorporated aspects of mathematics, philosophy, engineering, and the arts. He strongly believed that human understanding is based on experiential learning. He viewed this as the only truly effective way for most people to understand complex and inter-related phenomena.

Today, innovative visualization tools and immersive media environments are increasingly being used to bring complex ideas to life. David McConville, co-founder of the Elumenati, will discuss the influence that Fuller's designs and philosophy have had on artists and scientists. From experiments in the 1950s with immersive projection to contemporary video game designs, McConville will explore how Fuller's visionary ideas are continuing to be brought to life.

Co-sponsored by the Media Arts Project and the Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, this lecture is presented in conjunction with the exhibition IDEAS + INVENTIONS: Buckminster Fuller and Black Mountain College <http://blackmountaincollege.org/content/view/45/60/> at BMCM+AC.

Call 828-350-8484 for more information.