Thursday, August 04, 2005

what would bucky fuller do?

Dear Nantoka,

I read your suggestion about researching the Late Great Bucky Fuller. I found out that he invented a lot of neat things. I found some good tags, too. thanks for that.

Catherine in San Jose


hi folks,
web trend watchers might want to take note of the steady climb in the search term "intelligent design". also in slashdot today open-source as a business model. quite revolutionary, this whole open-source thing.

wendell berry is quoted in the loop today. if you have not read his work I think you will be impressed if not blown away as I was. wikipedia has a pretty good profile for him. he refuses to budge, apparently, on the Getting Wired thing. he refuses to get on a computer. period. does everything on a typewriter. I envy this completely. anyway he is just an incredible author.

intelligent design is in the news today. very top level news in technorati. my two cents: anticipatory design science is a nice partner tag for this search term.

other tags to look for: tags for the idea that we, as creators of our environment, need to be much more angelic in our behavior towards others, and much more aware of our heavy footprints.

Crunch on that, you stopid word crunchr. --rati
yor not the boss of me, Robot. --nuti.

--from the Great Big Book of Rati and Nuty