Tuesday, August 02, 2005

notes on Pogo land etc.

hi folks, good morning. hope the morning finds you well.

I am back home from a very interesting visit to Caddo Lake. Caddo Lake is one of the strangest and most exotic places I have ever seen. I heart swamps!

The whole time I was at the lake I kept expecting to see Pogo or one of Walt Kelley's other characters to canoe out from behind a moss-draped cypress tree.

What I did see: Birds! in great numbers. Caddo Lake is a bird nerd's paradise if you ask me.

I saw herons (great, green, lesser, etc) egrets (great and little), Ibis (young & grown-up); kingfisher, and a wood stork I think. Heard owls and at night the sound of frogs and other swamp creatures was just deafening.

Many thanks to our very kind hosts Sam & Randie. Their boathouse was a perfect place for sketching.

back home yesterday I think I saw a rail, a bird I think I have seen in my yard a few weeks earlier.

New & upcoming content in the loop includes info on the Ivory-billed woodpecker sightings, the Traces autumn exhibit schedule, and some crazy news about Bacteria being trained to eat pollution and cr*p electricity.

Yikes. My one hour on the Internet were up a long time ago, I need to get going. more on all this later.