Tuesday, July 05, 2005

July 5, 2005

Hi folks,

It has been a beautiful weekend and I am greatly encouraged by the general state of things this foggy Tuesday morning. Hope this morning finds you well, too.

First I must tell you that an interesting exhibit is happening in Blacksburg July 6, 7, 8. Details are on Let Me Help You Shop Dot Comic. this exhibit is called Eyes Wide Open and it is an exhibition on the human cost of the Iraq war.

The D Kat is very restless and begging me to come out and play, but there is poison ivy out there and I am covered as it is. Actually I can’t really say that he is begging me. He is scratching and biting my feet in a very grumpy way and being a general you-know-what.

Saturday we picked a zillion blueberries at Idyllease farm in Newport. Nice people. A beautiful setting and very nice blueberries. Giles Co. always knocks my socks off in the beauty department.

Blueberry farmers Pat and Bob Adams “look forward to seeing you” at Idyllease. Their farm is open for picking Tuesday & Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 7 until dark. Email or call ahead to check picking conditions. pradams@pemtel.net.

On Sunday we went canoeing on the Walker Creek on Saturday. This was extremely fun.

We Google Earthed (does anyone know of a better verb for this?) the creek beforehand and that gave me a much better idea of the route, and the overall day, I think. It would be nice if this Google Earth thing could somehow provide us with a watershed & nutrient map along with all the Free! Above-home helicopter tours it is giving the world now.

I have heard folks wondering aloud about this, how long it will take for someone to start selling tinfoil above-land screens which could provide a pleasant shade from the satellites in question.

Earth screens like that might be nice, especially in desert-y areas that could use some shade anyway, but if you make them out of tinfoil I think that would make people sad, as if someone or something was aggressively reminding them of their lost inheritance as children of the earth. Bamboo or iron would be a preferred material, I think. Or maybe blackberry cane…or trees…


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,
Move along now, my ego


Ping! Ping! Ping! Dear “Internet Content Producer”.

Seeking: Dynamic watershed map which will allow user to track water use and nutrient production.

This material is needed so I can get working on my latest unfinished book, which begins when a curious Little Pig flushes the Toilet and wonders, where does it go?

Tags: New River, hog farming, North, flow, Nile, waste, reverse desertification


So anyway then on Monday we went to the Monongahela National Forest and had a really lovely time. Monday morning was spent in silence in remembrance of the suffering of others. Then we hiked and hiked.

Ogh yes and I ran across an interesting book today called
Hackers & Painters: big ideas from the computer age
I'd like to see a copy of this sometime but I doubt I will buy it.
You know me the big penny pincher.

Some interesting stuff on Slashdot today about human computers...yes, they really did exist and you may be surprised to learn who they were, and when they lived.

Well The D Kat is about to be a big jerk again and I think I really do need to do some chores so I must sign off now. But I must tell you I just read a really wonderful post by neighbor Fred over there in Floyd Co. His post really resonated with me, and is called The Illusive Butterflies of Blogging and it is well worth a look, even if you are terribly busy living your life and smelling the roses this morning.


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