Wednesday, June 29, 2005

google earth, traces art space, existential seasickness, fuzzy searching

Dear Nantoka, what sort of a tonic do you recommend against existential seasickness?

Sincerely, Raty in San Francisco

Dear Raty,

Try putting your hands in the dirt and see if that helps.


hi folks, good morning. hope you are all well. Please excuse me if I seem out of sorts. I am still reeling from my ride last night on Google Earth.

this is some serious craziness. I don't even know where to begin to describe what it's like, or to guess what it will mean.

on the very narrow scale, I would say that landscape art is taking a major turn here, and I hope that park making and sustainable land use will become vastly more recognized as a social responsibility--not just as an icing-on-the-cake sort of thing.

On the very, very grand, sweeping scale, we have just opened a door into a parallel universe.

Everything we have ever believed about human existence has taken a major turn here.
The ability to conceive of our fragile living sphere in this way cannot possibly leave us the same people that we used to be.

Welcome to the Organic thought movement, folks. Don't take any wooden nickels.


to the folks at Roanoke City Magazine--thank you so much for putting Moth Girl in this month's issue.

to folks who collect Moth Girl pictures---maybe see if you can still find a copy of the city magazine because Moth Girl is in there.

Kerri at the Roanoke City Magazine wrote me an email a few weeks ago asking for a little write-up to put in the gallery guide but I sort of blew it off for a while because I assumed I would have to pay to be included. Well, I was wrong about that. Thanks for calling me back Kerri. As it turns out this is a free listing.

Here is what the listing in the new 'Visions' art style guide will look like:

Name: The Traces Art Space
Address: Studio 124 at the Jacksonville Center, Floyd, Virginia
Phone: 540-745-2784
Location: 1/2 mile south of the stoplight in Floyd
Description: an art & reading room managed by Suzy Nees
Calendar through January 31, 2006: Exhibits develop organically on a seasonal basis. Exhibit materials include books, farming tools, rock samples, antique maps, illustrations, etc. related to mountain culture and rural life.

Speaking of Etc. I counted up how many completed "Dogs on Trucks" etc coloring activities and man I am rich. I counted thirty five. These are really cool. I hope to scan at least a few of them soon. but I have a lot of work to do in the garden, so it may get put on the back burner for a while.

and speaking of gardening, I think that about does it for my time on the Internet. I need to get off this dumb computer and spruce up the planet a bit if I can.

have a wonderful day. Suzy