Thursday, July 07, 2005

from an email this morning July 7

Dear Friend:

Only hours from now, President Bush touches down in Scotland for the G8 Africa summit. Tomorrow, a delegation travels to this meeting with millions of letters from around the world, asking the G8 leaders to take up a new fight against global AIDS and poverty. Will they carry your signature and voice?

We only have 24 hours left: Sign the ONE letter to President Bush and join 390,000 Americans in asking for an historic debt, aid and trade deal for the world's poorest people.

At Live 8 this past Saturday, more than 1 million people from Hollywood to Hip-Hop to the Heartland called in one voice for an end to extreme poverty and global AIDS. In living rooms from Des Moines to Johannesburg, 2 billion people tuned into the concerts on TV and asked for real change in Africa.

Live 8 was not just about one Saturday. It was one day in a long walk to justice. Don't let this opportunity pass without taking a minute to change the lives of a generation - through something as easy as sending an email. We made a noise the world has never heard on Saturday, will President Bush and other leaders hear us?

Ask at least 3 friends and family to sign the ONE letter to President Bush today.

In the next few days, eight men will huddle around a table to decide the fate of millions of lives in a new and historic solution for those who need it most. Sign the ONE letter today.

Thank you,

The ONE Team

P.S. Look at the ONE.ORG blog for the most up to date news on ONE at the G8 summit in
Gleneagles, Scotland.